Bonny Slope Elementary

December 12, 2019

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Dates To Remember

12/16 December Birthday Lunch Celebration

12/19 *Geography Club Check Day

12/20 *Winter Parties in Classrooms (1 hr)

12/23- 1/3 NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


1/6 Staff and students back from Winter Break

1/15 *BSCO Parent Education, BSE Library

1/20 NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/27 NO SCHOOL - Grading Day

1/29 January Birthday Lunch Celebration

1/29 Principal Chat 6pm

1/29 *BSCO Winter Community Meeting 7:00pm

*BSCO Sponsored event

See our online calendar for more information and updates throughout the year.

***Spring Conferences have been moved to April 1st & April 2

***BSCO Community Listening Session has moved from 4/1/20 to 4/21/20

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Winter After School Clubs/other Extra Curricular



Dear BSE Community,

As the 2019 year begins its final days at BSE, we want you to know that we are very grateful for the support given to us by our generous community. Your time, energy, attention and financial support make it possible for us to enrich the learning experiences of our students. Additionally, we are also able to have community events such as the fun Family Movie Night we held last week. Our strong community makes for a strong school. Thank you!

Bonny Slope students are doing a great job with their attendance! Thank you, parents, for ensuring your students arrive on time and ready to learn. Our top attended classes are: Henley, Parks, Hastings and Osika. Ensuring that your children have good attendance is an important way to support their education.

Another way to support your child’s education is to make sure there is a lot of reading over the break. Did you know that there are free ebooks available from the Beaverton School District using students’ library accounts? “Sora, by Overdrive” is an app that simplifies access to BSD library ebooks. It is created by the same ebook company that provides Libby for the WCCLS ebooks. With a Washington County library card you are able to access ebooks from both systems using just the Sora app. Sora App information can be found here.

Next Wednesday, our choir will perform at two retirement homes before returning to Bonny Slope for their Winter Concert. Clare Bourquein organizes this opportunity to perform for our retirement community every year. We are so grateful for her talent in teaching choir and for giving our students a chance to give back to the community. If you would like to see our very talented fourth and fifth graders perform their festive songs, please meet us in the gym at 7:45 PM on December 18th!

Gifts are commonly given to staff this time of year. Please know that this is not expected and that a kind note from a student or community member is ALWAYS appreciated. Should a gift be given, there are guidelines all staff must abide by. Please read the following District and State guidelines about gifts in public schools:

Receipt of Gifts, Entertainment, Food, or Honorarium District employees are subject to Oregon ethics laws which govern the receipt by employees of gifts which may not exceed $50.00 from any individual giver on an annual basis. Oregon law defines gifts to include meals, entertainment, honoraria, and more. District employees must not accept more than $50.00 worth of “gifts” annually from any one giver.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe winter break. We are looking forward to all of our students’ return!!!

Janet Maza and Jim Hiller



Take Action! Family Support

In the Bonny Slope community, we like to take action and show we care! We will be supporting 20 Bonny Slope families by collecting and distributing gift cards to assist them over the holidays. If you would like to contribute, please bring gift cards to the office by Friday, December 13th. Below is a list of gift cards that we feel would be especially helpful. Of course, any cards will be appreciated.

Grocery Stores – Winco, Walmart, Fred Meyer

Department Stores- Ross, Target, Fred Meyer, Dollar Tree

Trimet Passes

Gas Stations

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity during this holiday season.

The Bonny Slope Staff




Preventing the flu is a joint effort in schools. Students, parents and staff need to take the necessary precautions to stop the flu from circulating. The flu virus can spread easily when someone who has the flu coughs or sneezes, especially in a setting like school.

Prevention is the key to success. But if your child or teen comes down with the flu, there are important steps to take to stay healthy and keep others from getting the virus.

Flu Prevention 101

1. Get Vaccinated. It can take two weeks for the flu vaccine to become effective, so make sure to get the vaccine well before flu starts to spread. It is never too late to be vaccinated.

2. Wash Your Hands often with soap and water and avoid the urge to touch your face. You can also use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not handy.

3. Don’t Share Personal Items. Don’t share chapstick or lipstick, food, drinks, ear buds, musical instruments, towels or sporting equipment.

4. Cover Coughs and Sneezes. The flu virus is most commonly transmitted from person to person when someone with the flu coughs or sneezes into the air.

5. Disinfect desks, counter tops, door knobs, computer keyboards, faucet handles, etc.

6. Stay Healthy. Keep your immune system strong by getting enough sleep and exercise, try to minimize stress, eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

7. Stay Home When You Are Sick. You or your child should stay home from school at the first signs of a flu infection.

Signs and Symptoms Include:

· Fever over 100.4

· Muscle aches

· Fatigue

· Loss of appetite

· Chills

· Vomiting

· Headache

· Stuffy Nose

Students and staff should stay home until at least 24 hours have passed since they had a fever (chills or sweating) without using medication.

Wendy Costanzo, RN




BSCO Box Tops

Donate your Coke Rewards codes to the school! Email pictures of your codes to or enter codes from coke products yourself at:


Electronic Report Cards

Report Cards are Going Paperless

The Beaverton School District is transitioning to electronic report cards for all students. The electronic report cards will be accessed through ParentVUE (mobile and desktop). If you have not set up your ParentVUE account, you will need to do that by January 2020.

There are resources and guidance on how to set up a ParentVue account. Please view the FAQ for instructions on setting up your account. There are several benefits to moving to paperless report cards. You will be able to view grades days after grading days, rather than wait up to two weeks for a report card to come by mail or in your child’s backpack. In addition, moving away from paper is environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the District.

Please contact your school if you need help setting up or accessing your ParentVUE account or need assistance with a printed copy. We will be sharing more information about this transition in the coming weeks.

Las boletas de calificaciones se enviarán electrónicamente y no en papel

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton está haciendo la transición a las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas para todos los estudiantes. De ahora en adelante usted podrá obtener las boletas de calificaciones electrónicas a través de la aplicación ParentVUE (por celular y computadora). Si todavía no ha configurado su cuenta de ParentVUE, deberá hacerlo antes de enero de 2020.

Tenemos recursos e instrucciones sobre cómo configurar una cuenta de ParentVue. Por favor consulte la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes donde podrá encontrar esta información.

Hay varios beneficios de solo recibir las boletas de calificaciones de manera electrónica. Usted las podrá ver de tres a cuatro días hábiles después de los días de calificación, en lugar de esperar hasta dos semanas para recibir una boleta de calificaciones por correo o en la mochila de su hijo. Además, deshacerse de la opción de papel ayuda al medio ambiente y es mas económico para el Distrito.

Por favor comuníquese con su escuela si necesita ayuda para configurar o entrar a su cuenta de ParentVUE o si necesita ayuda con una copia impresa. Estaremos compartiendo más información sobre esta transición en las próximas semanas.


Inclement Weather Information

As the weather turns colder and the threat of snow becomes greater we wanted to make sure you have the latest inclement weather information from the district.

When school closures and delayed openings affect the entire School District, they are announced, beginning at 5:30 am on television and radio stations. This information may also be obtained from the Beaverton School District website. Changes for Bonny Slope may also be sent via SchoolMessenger. If you do not hear the news report anything about Beaverton School District, then schools are open. There may be times when Beaverton schools close early due to inclement weather. When weather is threatening and you suspect a closure, please obtain your information as listed above. Please do not call Bonny Slope directly. We will not call parents; but will follow the emergency dismissal plan you gave us at the beginning of the school year. Please make sure you and your child know your emergency plan. On a delayed opening schedule, school will open two hours late and busses will be on snow routes. For Bonny Slope, “snow routes” means NO BUS SERVICE. This means our doors open to students at 10:15 am and school begins at 10:30 am. Parents are responsible for all student pickup and drop off on snow route days.

Please see attachments for more information.

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