Sunset Feeder Excellence

May 16-20, 2016

Systems Review

Please be sure you have scheduled your appointment for Part I and Part II on the Googledoc.

Sunset Feeder Principal Systems Review

*Please select one Part I (May 24-June 9) and one Part II (June 13-22) appointment.

(Please call me if you would like to schedule after-school or later in the day)

May (Part 1 at your Campus)

24-10:30- Herrera

25 10:30- L.Garduno

26 10:30-Hall

30 Holiday

31-2:30 R. Moon

6-10:30 Rodriguez, 2:30 Rojas

June (Part 2 at Haskell)

13-2:30 Rojas

14-2:30 Rodriguez


16- 2:30 R.Moon

20-2:30 -L. Garduno

21-10:30 Hall

Evaluation Documents

Campus Visits

Monday- Admin training/ I will be visiting ACP testing through out the week- Lida Hooe

Tuesday- ACP/Individual Principal Meeting- Peabody

Wednesday- ACP- Greiner

Thursday- ACP- Rosemont (Any principal can contact me if you would like a review.)

Friday- Susie at Admin/Interviews

Principal Survey

Principals will receive a survey from TEA to evaluate new teacher preparation programs. You will need to utilize your TEAL account through TEA. Robert Abel, Executive Director of HCM is the contact if you find your list is not accurate. (Late spring hires are not listed.)

Student Success Initiative

Texas Education Code 28.0211

Resources Available at:

You should have distributed student reports and ensured confidentiality. Additionally, all parents of a student who did not pass the 5th grade STAAR test should have been notified and an in-person meeting scheduled to create an accelerated intervention plan. The principal is responsible for ensuring and providing documentation for SSI.


Please be sure you have sent me a copy of your testing plans for each day (map, small groups, testing by day, etc.). Ensure you have a principal's log with time/issue/resolution/contact person. You should have access to the campus binder and be able to explain all plans and processes. You should review all documents, small groups and processes in advance to ensure accommodations/modifications/groups.

Bilingual Denial Rates

Please determine your end of the year Bilingual/ELL denial rate through MLEP to ensure current information for planning your upcoming Campus Action Plan needs assessment with your staff this spring.

TEI- need your plans to be at 100% prior to the due date for all administrators due to Susie- Please send me your status and plan for completion in advance of the due date.

May 19th-Last day to conduct extended and summative observations and enter extended, summative and SLO scores into Schoolnet (schedule an internal early due date)- summatives may be completed after a minimum of spot observations and extended)

May 23-June 6th Teacher rebuttal window in Oracle for summative evaluations (calibrate with AP's for equitable quality feedback and face to face opportunities)- Administrators will have the option to submit a response to the rebuttal and/or revise the summative score, all data must be accurate before teachers' last work day

June 2nd- Last day to conduct spot observations- entered into Schoolnet before last work day

June 2nd- last day to hold summative conferences

Teachers who reported to campus on or after April 4th are NOT required to have an extended observation, summative performance and SLO. Administrators are highly encouraged to conduct spot observations and allow the option of the extended, summative and SLO for coaching and feedback. Teachers hired prior to this date MUST have all components entered into Schoolnet.

Attendance for Credit/Reconnect- Please ensure you have reviewed your updated documents this week and ensure completion from mid-year feedback.

I emailed you the most current Attendance for Credit report a couple of weeks ago. You must review in detail and monitor the corrections/refinements/updates. Only administrators should be assisting with the process. If you have any questions, feel free to call me or the contact listed on the actual report. The plans are a policy and legal requirement, please be diligent in ensuring all recommendations are completed this week.


Elementary Principals

Elementary Assessment of Course Performance (ACP)/End of Semester Grade Reporting


Sam Iliya


Aaron Ware


All Principals Program Managers

Federal Funding Time and Effort Spring Certification Preliminary Review


All Principals Department Heads

Polling Locations – Democratic Primary Run-Off Election (Tuesday, May 24, 2016)


Orlando Alameda


Secondary Principals

Secondary Assessment of Course Performance (ACP)/End of Semester Grade Reporting


Sam Iliya


Aaron Ware


May 5, 2016

Printable Packet

All Principals

2016 Local Accountability/Community and Student Engagement Ratings


(May 18, 2016)

Elizabeth Watson


All Principals

2016-17 TEI Campus Expert Nominations – Deadline May 20, 2016


(May 20, 2016)

Human Capital Management

All Principals

Parent Resource Fair and Appreciation Event – Save the Date


(May 6, 2016)

Office of Family and Community Engagement


All Principals

Student Discipline System Referrals


(May 26, 2016)

Office of Student Discipline


All Chapter 21 Staff



Annual Employee Health Fair

Human Capital Management

All Principals

2016 Teacher Recognition Outline


Human Capital Management

All Principals

End of Year Evaluation Information


Human Capital Management

All Elementary Principals

Summer Reading Initiative for English Language Learners (ELLs) Currently Enrolled in 2




Edgar Chavez


Summer Education- Crystal Rentz/Veronica Martinez-Cantu

All campuses are hosting for students which may be multi-grade level. You should ensure that students are reviewed and potential lists of those in need of summer support is generated now prior to the end of the school year.

How can we ensure each student is involved and parents have information regarding summer activities/opportunities? How can the campus communicate work with the community or partners? Please review your packet of information from our last meeting for details on "Big Thought" and determine how to best support this communication to families/students.

Remember, you should already be preparing a list of students for summer school and working with families through review of RtI. Veronica Martinez-Cantu or Crystal Rentz are available if you have any questions regarding how to support summer school. Remember, all campus principals are required to conduct their own SSI summer programs.

TEI Upcoming Dates

Rubrics- Principal and AP

Spot observations clarification:

· Three spots must be scored per semester (all required to be entered, even those not scored)

· Entered within two working days of the spot into SchoolNet (DNA Regulation)

· Number of spots:

o No effectiveness level and Progressing II or below (10)

o Proficient I or DTR eligible (8)

o Distinguished (Proficient II or above) 6 (3 per semester- all must be scored, December is extremely short, approximately the first week )

· New Teachers through-out the year (with documentation)
o Train new teachers within 15 days
o Provide overview of Campus Action Plan

Please note that you must provide and document training and supports for new teachers through out the school year within 15 days (see policy/regulation above)

Greiner Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, May 19th, 5pm

501 South Edgefield Avenue

Dallas, TX