Old Timer's Alzheimers

Nicholas Kern & Mario Covarrubias


Alzheimer's is a Neural disease the deteriorates memory and other mental functions.
One in nine elderly Americans have Alzheimer's and is the sixth leading cause of death in America.
If people know the early signs of Alzheimer's the can get treatment for the afflicted.


There is a drug that delays the early signs of Alzheimer's, but the drug is not extremely dispersed for its is too recent to know any of the symptoms of this memory pill.
There are musical treatments in where the patients memory of the music help reignite other memories for a short time. Alois Alzheimer was the first to describe the disease that is named after him. Jerome H. Stone is the head founder of the Alzheimer's Association which has donated over $300 million towards research.

What's Going On?! f

When someone has Alzheimer’s disease, it is because a protein called beta-amyloid shows up in abnormal clumps or clusters, which stick together to form plaque. These clusters interrupt signals between synapses, or the spaces between nerve cells where information is passed through, which results in heavy loss of information/messages as it’s out and about the brain.

Where'd the pain come from? F

When the disease is present, cells known as Microglia, interpret the plaque as cell injury. The Microglia go into overdrive, and stimulate excess inflammation that further damages brain cells.

What part of the brain is affected? F

Alzheimer’s disease particularly damages the hippocampus and the surface layer of the cerebrum by causing them to shrink. This results in the loss of one’s ability to plan ahead, recall memories, concentrate, and create new memories.

"Interesting" Facts

Famous People You may know of who had Alzheimer's Disease:
Ronald Reagan, Rosa Parks, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Glenn Campbell.
Women are more likely to be affected by Alzheimer's Disease.