Civil Rights Movement

Making America a more equal and just society

To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the United States A more equal and just society?

I think in my opinion, its helped some. Not much though. Like yes, we don't have slaves anymore. But let me ask this question, why is the country who had the civil rights movement in their own country considered still one of the most racist countries to this day? We discriminate anything that isn't a white male. Not to the point of how we were doing it a hundred years ago or anything, but it still baffles me how people are still like this today, in the country that has had a civil war over it and a civil rights movement. In all honesty i think our country needs some work. So to answer the question, it has helped a little bit obviously. But the discrimination is still blatantly there and i know people who are still racist, so it hasn't helped to its best of abilities, but were getting there to becoming a complete and equal society.

Tactics and Strategies used during The Civil Rights Movement.

One big strategy that was used was when Rosa Parks got kicked of that bus and arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person, they boycotted the whole bus system. After that incidence they would refuse to ride the buses. They walked everywhere and would not take the buses anymore. Now, because none of the African Americans were not riding the buses, the bus company lost a ton of revenue because statistically it was roughly around 80% of African Americans were riding the bus at that time. So it was very successful for them to do this.

Another was civil disobedience. They would protest peacefully with signs, or they also had their march to Selma. They were never violent, they would peacefully protest their views on everything. But, their march to Selma was very organized, rows of two, calmly walking on the side of the street out of the way of traffic. They were still jumped by whites. It was so wrong. But this type of stuff was another one of their tactics.

Martin Luther King Jr. Himself i would consider a tactic. His speeches, which are still well known to this day definitely played a huge role back then. Also the fact that he was a generally good person. Honest, tells it like it is. Non violent. Extremely smart. And he was religious (not saying that all religious people are good people, cause that is definitely not true, but in Kings case, it is.) Very good at speaking and knew how to make people listen. He was definitely the biggest role in this whole movement other than an exception of a few other people who were huge assets. So i would consider him one of the biggest strategies, also considering he came up with probably most of the strategies they used anyways.

Unsung hero Amelia Boyton

Amelia Boyton is mostly unknown other than they showed her of if the new Selma movie. But shes was one of the people who organized the whole thing. She also refused to leave when the police attacked them and almost lost her life. So she was very important to this movement. She was even present when the voting rights act was signed, and was pretty much the patriarch of that whole portion of the movement.

Unsung Hero Daisy Bates

Daisey Bates was a newspaper publisher who documented the fight to end segregation in Arkansas. She became Arkansas president of the the NAACP. She played a crucial role in desegregation, she fought for desegregation in schools. She was behind enrolling those 9 black students into the white school.