my life map

by: natasha


right when we got to Kelowna I immediately started gymnastics. my mom had been an amazing competitive gymnast and she really wanted me to have as much fun as she did. I would also start ballet and I was rather good at it but I found it really boring so I quit. I went to monkey play house when I was three and made a bunch of friends. when i was five I started kindergarten in AME.

early years

I was born in California on October 29 2002. My parents both had amazing jobs but it caused then to both be away a lot. I lived ten minuets away from Disneyland so that was a big part of the first three years of my life. we moved when I was 9 months old to a house on a citrus fruit orchard. I learned to love eating lemons which my parents thought was really weird. I started talking when I was nine months old. shortly after I began to walk and run. the house at the orchard was super cute and it was only a walk down the backyard to get to the beach. I learned to surf (not stand up just on my knees) when I was three. one month after my third birthday my brother was born. he cried a lot which was very annoying but he was really cute. when he was nine months old we all got on a plane and moved to Canada. my dad had to drive to Kelowna though because we didn't want to use a moving van. Kelowna is a lot smaller than san diego.


when I was five I had been doing soccor for almost a year. my team was awful but my friend and I were the only ones that tried. when I was seven I went to my aunties fashion show in Toronto. I met a bunch of models and I got to do a photo shoot for her designs. I continued soccer until I was 10 and then I quit because my team wasn't very good. I stuck with gymnastics and learned a lot of amazing tricks.


i changed schools to Willow Stone Academy for grade six and it was so much fun. my class only had 14 people in it so we all became super close. most people were super nice and that was the best year of school ever. i came to okm in grade seven and i didn't like it very much because everyone in my class didn't like me so it was really hard to talk to anyone. yet again, this year i have no one in any of my classes that i really like so its really hard to be comfortable in any of my classes. i was drastically injured in my knee so my competitive gymnastics career is on hold right now and I don't know if i will be able to continue. the thing is life has its ups and downs, if it doesn't, you've flat lined.