FLVA Marketing Newsletter

February 2016

Enrollment Season SY 16/17

Yes, it's that time of year again and before you know it, our enrollment portals will open for the 2016-2017 school year. That's why we are planning now. In coordination with school admin, operations and the enrollment team, we are looking at both our re-registration and enrollment campaigns.

The marketing team will be out on the road and in a neighborhood close to you. We look forward to a vibrant and successful season!

Current Initiatives & Opportunities

- Girl Scouts - 6 to 8 week intro for K-5th grade girls

- GameLimo - onboard and digital advertising

- Jacksonville Mayor extended photo-op to FLVA during National School Choice Week Proclamation at City Hall

- Creating banner for display at Tampa Bay's Eco Fest in conjunction with Earth Day (April)

February Events

Osceola Rodeo Days

African American Read-In

Jacksonville Homeschool Spelling Bee (cancelled by organizer)

River Otter Eco Workshop for Middle and High School students

Ongoing - online information sessions hosted by staff

Visit our website for all dates and details at http://flva.k12.com/events-calendar.

Local canvassing - Who will be the 1st?

Everywhere I go, every chance I have, I like to share information about our school. Places such as doctor's offices, local libraries, coffee shops are great places to post information about us. Board members, if you'd like to help spread the news about our schools please email me at dpalmer@k12.com. I'll gladly send you a packet of collateral that you can use in your neighborhood!