The causes of Hemophilia

The cause of Hemophilia is the inheritence of the X chromosome making it either a carrier or diagnosod with the disease. The trait is sex linked. More males get the disease than females.

The affects of Hemophilia

Prevents the blood from clotting normally and can result in massive bleeding from a minor wound. A person can get severe brusing just from a touch of another person.

The health promblems from Hemophilia

Usually people with Hemophilia go through HTC program provided for them by the Federal Goverment. People who get care from HTC's are less likely to have the health problems that can occur rather than those who get care elsewhere. HTC program prevents exessive bleeding or endind up in the hospital. They're also more likely to have a better quality of life by being in the HTC program.

Common in a certain race or gender

It's more common in boys because its a sex linked trait. The two most common forms of Hemophilia occur more in males than in females. Hemophilia (A) is the most common type of the condition. 1 out of 4,000 males to 1 out of 5,000 females world wide are born with this disorder. Hemophilia (B) is more common in new born baby boys world wide.
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Treatments existing

The main treatment for Hemophilia is called replacement therapy. Concentrates of clottting factor 8 (for hemophilia A) or clotting factor 9 ( for hemophelia B). Are slow dripped or injected into the vein. These infusions help replace the clotting factor that is missing or low. The clotting factors concertrates can be made from human blood. To recieve this treatment and others you can go to UCSF medical center, UC health system or the CDC are just some of the many places you can go.

Interesting fact

The frist discovery of Hemophilia was founded in 1948. Two years after it was founded the frist treatment center was made nation wide to help treat and test Hemophilia.