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Thoughts for the Week

Upcoming Dates

10/2 Last Day for CAAS Testing

10/3 Fall Festival

10/8 Professional Learning Day

10/9-10/12 Fall Break (Woo Hoo!)

10/13-10/17 Conference Week

Maximizing Instruction with Smooth Transitions

Have you ever thought about how much instructional time is lost in transitions? By effectively teaching and executing transitions you can help protect your instructional time. Here is an article and a couple of videos to get you started:

Teaching Transitions| Responsive Classroom Article

Transition Times| Responsive Classroom Videos

Mrs. Noonan Managing Transitions | The Teaching Channel VIdeo

Please share with us what you do to manage transitions in your classroom by leaving a comment in the comment section below. :)

Top Apps for Little Students

I know that many of you have tablets to use in your classrooms. I came across this list of top-rated apps for students in Parent & Child Magazine and I wanted to share them with you:

  1. Todo Math (Ages 6-8) Math basics-counting, adding, subtracting and money concepts
  2. King of Math Junior (Ages 6-8) - Helps reinforce basic math facts, fractions geometry and measuring
  3. Quick Math (Ages 6-8) Timed math drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  4. Sushi Monster (Ages 9-11) Addition and multiplication practice
  5. Endless Reader (Ages 4+) Fun critters teach common sight words
  6. Grammaropolis (Ages 6+) Catchy music videos and explanations teach parts of speech.
  7. Happy Frog Reading Comprehension (Ages 9-11) This app quizzes kids about short passages.

Looking for Ways to Motivate Your Students?

This is the most comprehensive list of ideas I've ever seen for motivating students. Some are silly and some may not work for you, but there's a lot of great ideas. These could be combined with goals for interventions, too.

Free or Inexpensive Reward List

Coaching Survey

If you forgot to complete the coaching survey that I sent out, it's not too late. Please click the link below to let me know how I can support you.

Coaching Survey

Differentiating Instruction

I've seen all grade levels intentionally working to differentiate classroom instruction. I love that you are embracing this change. It shows how dedicated you are to your students. I am attaching links to three documents that may be helpful when planning your lessons.

Depth of Knowledge Chart - Refer to the verbs for each level to help guide your differentiation

Bloom's Taxonomy Posters- Printable posters for your reference and to guide your planning

Differentiated Instruction Ideas- Examples and descriptions of ideas for differentiating instruction