An Opportunity To Change

Everyone has a chance

Time To Make A Change

Everyone has different opportunities to make a difference in their life. You control your own life and you create the next steps to become who you want to be. Its all up to you in creating a unique and creative person. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Key To Success

Failure is not a sin,
Failure teaches you how to succeed,
Failure is the first step for success,
Failure helps you from failing,
Failure always helps in your success.
If you fail, the world doesn't come to an end.
Success will definitely be on your way.
So will others.
So will run away your failure.
never forget your failure in life which helped you in your

- Suma Varcha

"The Person Who I Was Yesterday, And Who I Am Today Doesn't Define Who I Will Be Tomorrow"

A Promise of Success

Ones potential is so huge, and so vast,
Yet, why is it, that so many fail, and usually come last?,
So few truly succeed, that when they do, others are jealous and totally aghast,
Let’s all believe in success, and I promise that failure will be part of the past.

The things you think, and the things you believe,
If they are true, then those are the things that you will achieve,
But if your thoughts are false, or they are used to deceive,
You’ll be stabbed in the back, and that is a promise that you had better believe.

Get rid of depression, worry and fear,
Because success is so often so very, very near,
Tell your subconscious , “success is mine”, and tell it to hear,
Remind it often, then success will be yours, that is a promise, my dear.

Just ask the “DIVINE”, for whatever you desire,
For happiness or abundance, or anything else to which you aspire,
It’s now time to succeed, so go ahead, set your goals, and light that fire,
Do it with passion, and I promise you this, you’ll soar higher and higher.

By Michael Sage

Opportunity to Change