Ultrasound Technician

Daily Life, Training, and Skills

A day in the life of an Ultrasound Tech.

As an ultrasound technician you operate the equipment, collect the appropriate data, and eplain the procedure to the patient. You have to make sure that when you log into the equipment that everything is programed correctly and is ready for what your about to do. You have to place the gel on the skin to aid the transmission, then you select which images best view the area that you are focused on. After you select the best images you will have to analyze the results by the physician by taking measurements or calculations that are relevant to the medical condition. The physician will then review the information and decide where to go from there. in addition to their regular schedule, they will also adjust and maintain equpiment, manage a diagnostic imaging department, or supervise other workers. They can work in hospital departments or clinics.


Most sonographers enter the field through an accredited two year educational program. You can get these degrees at a college or community college. to get a bachelors degree it with take a four year program. You will also need to complete internships where students will learn some skills and do on-the-job training. This will take place in a healthcare setting.

Skills Needed for This Career

Some skills you will need to work in this field is active listening, interpersonal skills, strong attention to detail, communication skills, technical skills, and hand eye coordination. You need these skills because your working with a lot of people and technology. You need to be able to fix and maintain the machines you are working with. You need to have communication skills and active listening because you are talking and communcating with people all the time. You need to be able to understand them and they need to understand the instructions and information you are telling them. It's good to have good listening skills and not intrupting them when they are talking so you know how to help them with their situation.


1. What sort of training do you need? 2. What sort of skills do you need?  3. Is there any room for job advancement?4. What is all involved with this career?5. What is the job outlook and salary? 6. Why do you want to go into this career?7. What might people not know about this job?8. What does a day in the life of this career look like?