The Legend of the Mighty Bigfoot

Is Bigfoot real or is it all just a hoax?


"The legend goes that Bigfoot is a simian-ape like creature that roams mountains and forests. " (Upton, 2013) There are a ton of names for Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Ape Man, etc. Bigfoot was first spotted in 1811 in Jasper, Alberta Canada. In the early 1900s Bigfoot was a peaceful herbivorus creature. Then in the early 2000s Bigfoot turned into a creature that was carnivorous because somebody saw the Bigfoot eat a deer. After that a ton of reports came up of a hairy 8ft tall beast breaking into chicken pens and cow pastures and tearing everything apart and eating it." (Upton, 2013)
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"A ton of videos and pictures came up of the Bigfoot eating cows, taking down deer, and destroying chicken coops. Plaster casts came up of footprints 13-17 inches long." (Upton, 2013) The indians named The Bigfoot by its description for example, Sasquatch means (tall hairy beast) (Upton, 2013)


Nobody really knows if Bigfoot is real yet, because there isnt enough evidence to prove if he is real. Scientists and a lot of other people think Bigfoot is fake too. There are also a lot of pranks people pull on others but it becomes worldwide until they find out its a hoax. I personally think Bigfoot is fake, it makes me mad that all of the Bigfoot sighting videos I watch are fake.