Finland Geography/Weather/Geology

In Finland There is Mainly water and rocks. Water surrounds most of the country. Snow covers most of this country, because it is way up north. Finland borders the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, as well as Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe after Germany. Finland has Alpine Tundra on top of fells. FINLAND HAS 180,000 LAKES AND ALMOST AS MANY ISLANDS!!!! Finland is sometimes referred as the land of thousand lakes and islands.There are 192 mountains and peaks in Finland and Ridnitsohkka at 4,321 ft is the biggest mountain in Finland.

Finland religionHoliday

Most people in Finland are Christians. They celebrate pretty much the same holidays as we do. There is a difference in our country vs. Finland with Christmas. Finnish Christmas celebration is Christmas Eve, and not Christmas day.

People in Finland believe that Santa Claus lives in the part of Finland called Korvatunturi, this area is north of the Arctic Circle. Each year thousands of letters come to Finland addressed to Santa Claus. Another name for Santa Claus is Joulupukki, which means Christmas goat. On Christmas Eve, the day gets dark about 3:00 pm. Many different types of celebrations take place on the eve of Christmas. Most of these celebrations are glowing with lanterns, which make the experience look like a winter wonderland.

More About Finland

Finland sports

Finland in the Olympics have a total of 142 gold medals, 143 silver medals and 173 bronze medals.

Finlands rank in Fifa (soccer league around the world) is 65. But they have won 0 championships.

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Finland Technology

With 92% of Finns using the internet, this high percentage shows how this country is ahead in technology. Putting Finland in the top 10 percentile. Finland's Nothern Europe rank for most technology is 5th. There ranked 105th in the world for most land lines. Finland is 10th in cellular plans in the world
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Finland's government is a republic, there chief executive (president) is Sauli Niinisto, there second chief executive is Jyrki Tapani Katainen. The legislation has 200 members. Finland's government is an OECD member, and a member of the united nations, but not a member of the security council. There are 12 ministries in the Finnish Government. Each one of these ministries has a primary function in government affairs.

The Ministries are:

Prime Minister Office

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Education and Culture

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Ministry of the Environment

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Finland Energy

Net Generation-76.159 bn kW-h

per Capita net generation- 14,521 kW-h

proven natural gas reserves- 0 cubic meters

proven oil reserves- 0 barrels

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Finland economony

Finlands GDP is 272B/GDP growth rate -0.80% GDP per capita $ 49,824, GDP per capita growth- -1.66%GINI coefficient 26.8/ Inflation rate 3.2% unemployed rate-7.8% current account balance- -3.68 billion. As of February 07,2016, one U.S dollar buys .90 euros. Against the dollar, the euro is 93% stronger than the average currency for all countries.
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Finland's famous pancakes

Finland has amazing pancakes that are not the ordinary from the american pancakes

Recipe below:

-300 ml milk

-2 eggs

-200 ml plain flour

-2 tbsp oil or melted butter



-butter or oil for frying

Pour the milk into a bowl. add the flour and seasoning. mix until smooth. Add the eggs and oil or melted butter, slightly cooled. heat the butter in a frying pan, and pour in some butter. cook the pancake until set and golden brown. flip the pancake over and cook the other side. serve with jam, whipped cream, berries cinnamon and sugar, honey or maple syrup.For a savoury version you can also add 100 ml of blanched spinach, grated carrot or potato

I told my mom the recipe and we had all the basic ingredients needs to make these delicious pancakes

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Hoito Finnish Pancakes Recipe - LeGourmetTV

Finland's demographics.

Finland's population is 5.44 million, that is not super big because 20 states in the U.S.A have a bigger population. There are 17 people living in a kilometer to put it in better terms, a mile is bigger than a kilometer. A mile is about 1.6 kilometers. The median age in Finland is 43 years.

Labor force-2,690,000

net migration rate- 0.62 per 1000 people

refugees and internally displaced persons- 2,017

birth rate- 10.36 per 1000 people

Death rate- 10.42 per 1000 people

fertility rate- 1.73 child(ren) per women

Homicidal rate source- Criminal justice,CTS, 2011

2013 homicide count- 116 homicides

Homicidal count source- criminal justice, CTS, 2011

Female assault rate- 0.9%

male homicidal rate- 3.9%

Female homicide rate- 1.3 per 100 k people

male homicide rate- 2.4 per 100 k people

female suicide rate- 10 per 100 k people

male suicide rate- 29 per 100 k people

32,000 out of 100,000 people have guns

Finland's serial killers

Antti Olavi Taskinen--killed 3 people

Matti Haapoja--killed 2 people

The life satisfaction is 7.4 out of 10/ Time devoted to leisure and personal care is 14.89

hours per day

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Finland education

Finland's literacy rate is 100% Although in America 32,000,000 people can't even read!!! This Finland literacy rate ranked 4th out of 215 countries. Finland's education index is 0.88 percent. The national education attainment is 84%. Years in education for Finland are 19.7 years.

Finish Nobel Laureates:

Martti Ahtisaari-- subject/ peace--field of study/Diplomacy-- year/2008

Artturi Virtanen--subject/chemistry--field of study/chemistry--year/1945

Frans Eemil Sillanpaa--subject/literature--Field of study/literature--year/1939

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Finland's health

Finland's life expectancy is 79.55 years. Finland's infant mortality rate is 3.38. Finland's health index is is 0.949 (2012).Finland's life expectancy rate is ranked 25th out of 194 countries. And there infant mortality rank is 7th out of 194 countries.

Depth of food deficit-8 kilo calories per person per day

obesity adult prevalency-23.00%

survival to age 65, female-91.00%

survival to age 65,male-82.00%

HIV/AIDS deaths-100

HIV/AIDS adult rate- 0.1

people living with HIV/Aids-2,6000

AIDS growth- Rising

Percent of population infected-0.05%

Adults over 15 recent estimate-2,600

Adults and children annual estimated deaths-100

Infected drug users HIV rate recent estimate-0.7%

Adults and children, total estimate infections-2,600

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