Improving Race Relations In America

Nicholas Spaulding

Slavery In America

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. Triangular trade is a system in which slaves crops were traded between Africa and the Caribbean. slave ships were transportation for slaves from one owner to the next to transport slaves from all over.

slaves were needed because to make life easier on the slave owners so the owners wouldn't have to work them selves out and break there back to get work done so they would buy slaves to do the work for them instead of doing it them self.

there were mostly slaves in the southern part of our country because down there slaves were legal and in the north they were illegal and free up there but down there if u were caught being colored then your going to the pen to be auctioned off.

the cotton gin affected the slaves because it did not need as much slaves as was needed before it was invented and it was far less painful then having to do all of it manually. Slaves in America were treated poorly...

A typical day for a slave would have to be this in order was 15-16 hours of work a day for 6 days out of the week and go to bed and start the day back up again the next day over and over except for Sundays.

Slaves were punished by being whipped if not doing something fast enough not doing something good enough or even just doing something to good slave owners were abusive towards slave even if they have done nothing wrong it was hell for a typical slave as most would describe it.

Slaves were not aloud to do anything but work for there owners they were not aloud to get married were not aloud to read go to school get a degree go to church they were aloud to have children though because the slave owners often thought of it as a gold mine if the females were to get pregnant.

Slaves were treated badly as if they were just some property that did not matter they were beaten starved yelled at even sometimes in some cases they were often killed by harsh weather or environment or even the owner they were treated as if they did not matter as the owners thought of them all the time as if they did not matter.

If slaves were caught running away they would be sold more south were it was a greater distance north in this case it would be almost impossible to make it to the north to be a free man sometimes they were even hurt severely or maybe even killed.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the united states with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.... The declaration of Independence was signed the documents were to be declared as all men are equal Pennsylvanian became the first state to abolish slavery Ohio becomes the seventeenth state to abolish slavery and become a free state black abolitionist Robert Purvis formally organizes the underground railroad.

Lincolns view on slavery was he never liked it he thought it was unjust and it was just not right he saw the point of view that no one else saw he saw that he was not different then them besides color and he did not wanna promote it so he stopped it and sooner or later he abolished it and the union and confederate fight over slaves and finally the confederate surrender and decide that they will no longer have slaves.

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Plan To Improve Race Relations

There are still racial tensions in america today. today the white cops will sometimes treat the colored people unfairly because of there color and they believe they are not equal sometimes teachers wont give the colored people as much help as they do the white because they feel they should not get the attention they deserve colored people sometimes are homeless because white feel as they don't need a home they should all live on the streets there taking up the room for the white or they don't wanna live next to them because of there color some white people that are hiring wont hire colored because they will often think there gonna steal they wont do a good job they think they don't deserve a job or they feel as they should not have to give them anything.

The legacy of slavery has contributed to these racial tensions it is so difficult to forget our country's past because most of us know what was wrong back then and that it was not right for them to treat the colored people unfairly as they were treated because they were beaten and they were starved they were not given the right to do anything even if they were free or not it is difficult for the colored people to forget because they see the white everyday and know what there ancestors did to there ancestors and its hard for them to look at us with respect because we did not look at them like that in the past.

The one idea i have to improve race relations in america is to start a racial test that has to be taken by every white worker and even black to see if they are racist it will be about 5 tests seeing whether or not if they will treat the colored people the same as they do white and to see if they will say anything racial against them and if they have failed the test they will immediately be fired or the company that the person taking the test for will be sued unless the person taking the test changes there way and learns to accept the colored for who they are and that they are no different from u or me or anyone in america or even anywhere in the world.

Nick Spaulding