Mental Illness

Depression, Bipolar, Suicide


Suicide is trying or attempting to take your life on purpose. Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death in the United States.

~ People will contemplate suicide when they feel theirs no other way out.

~ When they feel hopeless.

~ White men have the highest risk of committing suicide.

~ Teenagers and Women have the most attempts at suicide.

~ People who are suicidal will sleep a lot.

This usually occurs in people who have a mental illness such as:

~ Bipolar disorder ~ Multiple personality disorder

~ Schizophrenia ~ Stress life problems

People who attempt suicide are trying to get relief from:

~ Feeling ashamed, guilty or a burden

~ Feeling trapped or like a victim

~ Feeling rejection, loss and loneliness

Suicidal attempts may happen if:

~ Feeling elderly and aging

~ Death of a loved one ~Physical illness

~ Money problems ~ Emotional problems

Risks for teens:

~ Guns in the house ~ Break up

~ Family members committed suicide

~ History of self abuse ~ History of abuse

Symptoms may include:

~ Distraction ~ Giving belongings away ~ Talking about suicide

~ Sudden change in behavior ~ Loosing interest in activities

~ pulling away from friends ~ Change in eating and sleeping habits


~ Physical therapy ~ Counseling ~ Medication ~ Hospital care

~ check ups ~ Hotlines


~ keep all the proscriptions locked up and hidden

~ do not keep alcohol at home ~ do not keep guns at home


What is depression?

Depression interferes with a persons abilities to sleep, work, study, eat, and do enjoyable things.


~ Empty feelings

~ Irritability

~ Deceased energy

~ Insomnia

~ Overeating or no eating

~ Feelings of guilt

Who is at risk

~ About 6.7% of United States adults experience depression every year

~ Women are 70% more likely to experience depression



~ Antidepressants



Wait gain

Could develop psychotic depression

Feeling hopeless


irritated easily

Inability to experience pleasure


Less energy

Appetite changes

Sleep problems

Concentration or memory problems

Feeling like you are worthless


thoughts of death or suicide

Can effect sex drive and self esteem

Diabetes has also been linked to anxiety, substance abuse, and health problems like heart disease, diabetes