technology in the 1950's

welcome to the 50's

the 50s were an innovative time in history, lets look at some innovative pieces of tech that changed the world as we know it...
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credit cards

in 1950 Frank McNamara came up with the idea of the credit card, this came to him when his friend was shopping at a market and forgot his wallet. this gave McNamara the idea of a small card you could have with money on it to make purchases, this changed the way peole lived
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the TV was not invented in the 50, but it became very popular early in the decade, anything important could be viewed on the TV . Space races , presidential address , any large speach, was all televised .
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1952 airlines Boeing

air flight was a new innovation for travel. as a normal person you could simply take a . Due to this, Boeing became the most successful of the early manufacturers.
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the latest invention of 1959 the polyether coated razor

it has now been discovered that the shaving properties of razor blades may be appreciably enhanced by adhering a solid polyether polymer to the cutting edge. this reduced friction on the skin's surface making it easier to shave due to less pulling as the razor cuts.
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floppy disk

the floppy disk was important to the way we shared data, the internet was slow and unreliable but a physical local storage portable drive was the new best thing


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