The Global Citizens

Rewards and Recognition


Greetings from AIESEC!

Firstly, congratulations on taking the first step out of your comfort zone, stepping up to be the change and creating an impact. Being a GLOBAL CITIZEN entitles you to so much more than the opportunity to receive Global Exposure, it also enables you to develop and portray the best version of yourself possible and project the same sense to those you come in contact with. Engaging with AIESEC in multiple ways speeds up this process drastically and prepares you to do the same. On this note, we take immense pleasure in introducing the Reward and Recognition Campaign:

Enable people around you to obtain an exposure similar to yours. Spread word about the GC Program, and help them register for the same.

Extend your reach of impact not only to the country you shall be doing your exchange in, but also the one you reside in, and win exciting goodies, other offers and AIESEC merchandise.

As John F Kennedy once said:

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"

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We sincerely hope that you have had a sneak peak to the AIESEC ways and culture, and that your experience has been a smooth and exciting one thus far. with this, we introduce the "Exchange Participant Re-integration Program" that enables an Exchange Participant (EP) to directly join the AIESEC body at the end of the exchange, done after a minor screening process, and to be a part of the world's largest international, youth - run organisation that activates youth leadership.

The RnR Campaign is one platform that would give you a head-start and a boost in becoming an active member through the EP Re-integration Program.

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For further details, contact:

Sankirtana Kumar,

Team Leader, Global Citizen Students,

AIESEC in Chennai

Ph No: 9444742505

Email id: