The Art Of Transcendentalism

Be Yourself.

Let Nature Set You Free

When surrounded by nature, you really find yourself. Others' realize who you really are, and you discover what you can be.
"Sky above me. Earth beneath me. Fire within me." This shows transcendentalism in the way that transcendentalists believe that nature show you your true self. This is imaging might suggest that because the things of nature are there, it gives them reason to be strong-willed.
Lincoln's quote shows a good example of transcendentalism. He says that "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." This can reflect how people can react to nature differently and show how their personality truly is.
This quote could have been put under the "Be Unique" category, but I chose to put it under "Nature Shows You Yourself" because it suggests that he was walking along a road by the woods, and that by doing so by himself, he came to the decision to take the least traveled one because of the way that nature encouraged him to do so.
Owl City - Fireflies
The lyrics say that fireflies taught him how to dance. And he thinks it's hard to believe the earth turns slowly. I think this shows that he isn't afraid to learn from things in nature. This is an example of nature showing your real self because he allows nature to teach him and I think this is an admirable trait that reflects the person in the song.
Horton Meets the Mayor of Whoville
Horton gets extremely excited about the reality of life on a speck and overly impressed and happy. This shows that he isn't afraid of things that could spontaneously happen in nature, no matter how strange, and he accepts it, which shows his personality.

Trust Yourself.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Emma Watson Movie HD
It takes courage and trust to be able to come out and try to gain new friends with people you don't know. He takes a leap and shows that trusting yourself can be beneficial because he does gain really great friends by trusting himself and others.
We know more than we think, so don't doubt yourself.
You have to be able to trust yourself enough to know that even if you see the other sides of things and think about it that you could be open minded about it and not have it completely befuddle you.
Don't be afraid to let yourself go and trust yourself that you can survive it.
Trust that you can get through anything and succeed.
Trust yourself that you can make it happen if you really want it.

Everything Is Connected

Staying Well Means Staying Connected TV Commercial -- 1 (2012)
Everything that happened to them was connected in some way to things they do in everyday life because of the decisions they made.
Sherlock Holmes - Official Movie Trailer 2009 [High Quality] - HD
I think this shows that everything is connected because Sherlock Holmes is a detective who has to find clues in everything and connects them together to find the answer. Even though this isn't quite transcendentalism, I think that it does show that everything is connected because even detectives have to rely on this fact.
Inception - Official Trailer [HD]
Everything is connected and can change and affect everything that can happen.
Everything is connected and affects you.
Birdy - Skinny Love [Official Music Video]
Everything you do will affect your future.

SImplify Your Life

We unecessarily buy things to impress.
Don't be so complicated that you can't be simply entertained by a book.
Simplify things by not expecting things and just taking what comes along.
Be simple and don't try to complicate things by being what other people want you to be.
We don't really think about how something can be worth something but not actually have monetary value. Simple things can be special too.

Be Unique

I think this quote is pretty self explanatory. "You have to be unique, and different, and shine in you own way."
Lady gaga Born This way Official Music Video
Be yourself because you were born this way.
Style, and the way you dress, show your personality and shows that you are different that other people.
Happy Feet - Dance with Mumble
Mumble was being ostrasized because he danced and didn't sing, but now he's influenced everyone to dance even against the elders' demands. This shows that being unique can also affect others.
This shows uniqueness in the way that the people who were seen dancing by the people who could not hear, were thought to be insane. Being unique has consequences like how people won't be able to understand you for being different. People think it's weird and unnatural. But be unique, because there are others' like you who will get along with you for being who you are.
This video has very many different qualities. Even though it's about gay marriage, it still symbolizes being unique and even mentions being yourself in the song. It may not always be fun to be different, but in the long run, it's better than putting on a facade. Transcendentalism is shown in this by the fact that you have to be yourself and be unique no matter how many people are against it.
To agree with everyone else and never truely be different is easier, while being alone by being yourself is a lot harder than a lot of people think.
Find your own way. Whether it means that you have to be alone or not, who knows? You might prefer to be by yourself and just be yourself.
Never hold back. Because no matter what you do, people will judge you and you will never be perfect for anyone. Just be.. You.