No germs = no worms

Jahlen sullivan

Use anti germ chemicals

You know everything in life has germs there is no way to get away from it. You can though stop yourself from getting to much.

You should always have your own pen or your own hand sanitizer so your body can be as germ free as possible.

If you have your own things now one can touch them but you.

They all touch public stuff but you can stop your self from doing the same. Bring your own things so now one but you can touch them.

The again will you really go through so much trouble to try to get away from germs come on it impossible. Why don't we just live life like everyone else clean only a f you need to so we don't go through so much trouble being germ free.

Every day you should try to be germ free to be healthier and live longer. It's the one thing everyone wants.