My Life as a Furry Red Monster

Kevin Clash

Meeting Elmo

The furry red monster known as Elmo has charmed his way into hearts and homes with his unmistakeable laugh, over-the-top enthusiasm, and boundless love. Elmo's appeal is nothing short of magical. Kids adore him, and parents find his irresistible. But who is responsible for this furry red monster? That would be Kevin Clash.

The Furry Red Monster

Meeting Kevin Clash

Kevin Clash is the man behind the Muppet and the unassuming heart and soul of Elmo. In this story, the puppeteer who has performed Elmo for nearly twenty years comes out from behind the stage to share his story. Weaving together his memories of growing up with the life lessons gained from his furry red alter ego, Kevin reveals himself to be as caring, and as eager to grown and learn and love, as the very special character he brings to life. Kevin honed his talent entertaining young kids in his mother's home day care with puppets he made from slippers and coat liners; how, as a struggling young artist, he realized his dream to meet and then work for his idol, Muppet creator Jim Henson. Jim Henson taught him that each and every day of performing Elmo reinforces for him what is most important in life.

Key Terms

unmistakeable- not mistakeable; clear, obvious, or unambiguos

boundless- having no bounds; infinite or vast, unllimited

irresistible- not resistible; incapable of being resisted or withstood

puppeteer- a person who manipulates puppets, as in a puppet show

honed- work on something, try to make it better