4th Grade News

March 21st

Welcome Back

Welcome Back!!

Hope you all had a fabulous week with family and friends. We are back and hitting the ground running!


Reading - No Homework this week

Language--revising and editing. Use that #1 recommended strategy of underlining sentences beforehand.

Social Studies--Santa Anna fact and opinion

Math- No homework this week


We are going to begin comparing texts this week. Some will be self selected and on topics they enjoy. We will continue to read our personal choice books. Please encourage your child to read nightly and discuss their books with them.


We're off to writing "camp". Bring a towel, water bottle, and a trusty writing utensil. We will be enjoying several writing activities as we get ready to show what we know.


This week we will be talking about elapsed time, how much time has passed. We will be using number lines to help us figure out how much time has passed within two given times.


We will start our study of how energy transfers from producers to consumers in an ecosystem. The energy transfer starts with the Sun and occurs through food chains and/or food webs. They will be able to describe how a food chain or food web could be impacted if the ecosystem was altered.

Social Studies

Sorry to say, the Alamo didn't turn out so well. It gets worse. We'll experience the Runaway Scrape and then Goliad.