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'Stranger Danger'

Each young child eventually will learn the meaning of stranger danger. But, parents also need to understand that you need to teach it as soon as you can. Because, parents won't always be there to watch their kids. Stranger danger also means that kids have to be careful who they speak to. Children can talk to new people, cause that's how you interact in society, but they must be careful as to who it is. Because i'm sue that some kids, if not taught otherwise, will fall for the cliche van scheme.

Love all, Trust no one

Some forms and reasons for kidnapping >.<

*Some forms of kidnapping:

  • Parental kidnapping
- a parent will take their own child from the other spouse

  • Child abduction
- where a stranger takes the child away

* Reasons behind kidnapping

  • For ransom
- the person wants money for the child back. So, they hold the person hostage.

  • Slavery
- use the child as a slave, to get money

  • To raise as their own
- when the person takes the child in as their own

The Face on the Milk Carton was inspiration for this SMORE.

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Prevention = ]

At any point, you can be in danger of being kidnapped. So, you have to be aware of where you are and who's around you. But don't read this and think you can't relax once in a while, it just means to be cautious of your surroundings. Parents, make sure you know where your kids are. If you don't, then you might not know if they're safe. Another way to prevent it is have some way to inform people if you're in trouble. Also, and this is a funny one, you could possibly have pepper spray on you if anyone tries to sneak up on you. True, in the long run, it could backfire if a friend tries to scare you.... Anyway those are just someways you can prevent being kidnapped.

In school I wore an essay about kidnapping. It's in the link below