Annie Oakly

The woman who could shoot better than a man

Annie Oakley - November 1894

"Little miss sure shot"

Filmed by Thomas Edison (Inventor of the light bulb)
(Video Above)

Fun Facts About Annie Oakley

  • Phoebe Ann (Annie) Moses was born August 13, 1860. Died November 3, 1926 (age 66)
  • She was one of the best sharp shooters of her time, She was a better shooter than any man who said he was better.
  • Annie met her Husband, Frank Butler a shooting champion, when she defeated him in a match.
  • Annie could shoot a moving target while riding a running horse when yards away from her target.
  • Annie preformed for Queen Victoria in England once.
  • Annie could shoot her target while pointing the gun behind her and just using a mirror to see the target.