J. B. Marks

Jackie Birkenstock

J.B. Marks

J. B. Marks was born March 21, 1903. When J. B. Marks was young, he was a part of a strike in his college, Kilnerton's Teacher's Training College to make the school conditions better. He was expelled from the school for that. When he was an adult, he was the President of the Transvaal Branch of the ANC. After listening to S. B. Bunting (white person), Marks joined the Communist Party in South Africa in 1928. He was the target of an attempted assassination, but he didn't quit because the times got rough. He was banned from teaching in 1931 because of his political activity. He was then elected to the Central Committee of the Communist Party in 1932. He then rose to become Chairman of the SACP. In 1942, He was elected to presidency of the Transvaal Council of non-European trade unions and became the president of the African Mine Workers Union. He was one of the Leaders of the 1952 Defiance Campaign. He was already banned from taking action because of the the Suppression of Communist campaign. He still attended the Defiance Campaign and was imprisoned for it. After he was banned, he became a founding leader of the South African Congress of Trade Unions. He was also listed as a co-conspirator in the Rivonia Trial. Marks left South Africa when the ANC's National Executive Committee asked him to leave. He then became severely ill while he was Treasurer-General at the headquarters of the ANC External Mission in Tanzania. When he recovered enough, he went to Russia. He died of a heart attack in 1972.

Significance of JB Marks

JB Marks was a leader his whole life. He was one of the leaders of the Defiance Campaign, the ANC, a co-conspirator of the Rivonia Trial, a founding leader of the SACTU, and a Treasure-General. He worked hard for the rights of Black people. Marks was one of the most influential leaders of the anti-apartheid movement..
SA President Jacob Zuma leading in struggle songs at the reburial of J B Marks

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