Where I Come From

Gregg Family

The Meaning and Origin of the Name Gregg

The name Gregg means to be awake or watchful.

Other spellings are Greg, Greig, Grig and Gregg among others due to incorrect spelling from Gaelic to English.

The origin of the Gregg Family are German and Scottish

Who Immigrated

Parents Fanny (34) and William (34), with children William (5), Mary (4), and Eliza (1).

Why did They Leave the "Old Country"

They left the old country because of the conflict between clans and they were in search of freedom and new opportunities. They were part of MacGregor or Clan Gregor.

Hardships Suffered in "Old Country"

Due to the conflicts between clans there were massacres that took place between clans.

Traveling to Colonial Canada

They traveled to South Ireland from Conna Cork, Scotland, from Ireland they boarded the Stakescy ship on July 8, 1823. Arriving in Quebec Sept 2, 1823 and then boarded a steam boat called the New Swiftsure to Montreal. They settled in Huntley Township south of Mississippi River, Ottawa in Sept 1823.
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Hardships Suffered During Travel

During their travels on the Stakescy ship Eliza a 1 year old girl passed away on August 5, 1823.

Life After They Arrived in Colonial Canada

Once they arrived in colonial Canada they found not all immigrants were welcomed but they were allowed. Once they got land they were expected to work it and make their living and support their family.

They were forced to defend the freedom they received in colonial Canada where they immigrated to.

Experiences Immigrating to Colonial Canada versus Present-Day Canada

The experiences they had when they immigrated in 1823 would have differed from today’s immigrants in that travelling conditions are much better, opportunities are more abundant and they are not necessarily expected to work land to survive as Canada is much more developed now then it was then.