Scott Vs. Sanford

By: Hope Kelley


  • The dispute stated in 1833 when a Dr. John Emerson bought a slave named Dred Scott.
  • In 1843 Emerson died and left Scott and his family to Eliza Sanford, Emerson's wife.
  • In 1846 Scott wanted to buy his freedom from Mrs. Sanford but she refused.
  • So Scott sued Sanford in State court, saying that him and his family were free from where they had lived on Wisconsin Territory, in which slavery is band in.
  • In 1850 the State court ruled Scott free.However, Scott 's wages were withheld, which left the case unresolved.
  • During the same time Mrs. Emerson got remarried and left her bother, John Sanford, to deal with the trial.
  • When Mr. Sanford refused to pay the wages back, Scott appealed to the Missouri Supreme court.
  • The court overturned the States decision and ruled in favor of Sanford.
  • Scott then filed a lawsuit in a Federal circuit court saying that Sanford had physically abused his bother, John F.A. Stanford.
  • The court said that Scott could not sue in Federal court because he was declared a slave by Missouri law.
  • Scott appealed to the U.S. Supreme court, who reviewed the case in 1856.
  • However, in the supreme court's opinion which said they had no jurisdiction because Scott was or had been a slave.
  • But after the Civil War congress passed the 13, 14, and 15 amendments which all directly overturn the ruling.
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