JetBlue Airways

Bringing Humanity to Air Travel

Basic Company Info

JetBlue Airways, also known as JetBlue, is an American low-cost airline and the 5th largest airline in the United States. The company was founded by David Neeleman in February of 1999. On February 11, 2000, JetBlue began operations. As of March of 2016, the company serves 97 destinations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. It’s main airline hubs are in New York City (JFK International Airport), Fort Lauderdale, FL, Orlando, FL, and Long Beach, CA.

Social Media Presence

The biggest aspect of JetBlue's marketing strategy is using social media to connect with its costumers. They seem to be fairly involved with Twitter by the fact that they have 2,010,000 followers, they follow 109,000 users, and they have tweeted out 366,000 tweets. They also have six different lists on Twitter. They also seem to be very in touch with Instagram with 148,000 followers and 546 posts. It is their YouTube channel, however, that they seem to have put the most effort into. They have a fairly active YouTube channel with 18,376 subscribers. On their YouTube channel, they have a wide array of videos that cover all of the four C’s of social media marketing and they do so in a very effective way. These videos range from promotional videos for their services, short vignettes and stories, funny sketches, and other interesting activities relating to the company such as Live from T5, live concerts from the airline’s main hub in JFK Airport Terminal 5.


JetBlue does a superb job at providing original engaging content for its target market. One example of this is on their YouTube channel they have short vignettes, funny sketches and commercials, and different sorts of promotional videos that are original and unique. This type of content engages the company’s marketing target on social media.


JetBlue also makes an effort to show its customers that they care for them in a pleasantly unexpected and surprising way. If someone mentions JetBlue on twitter, the company will often respond with a friendly comment that lets the person know that they value that person’s opinion.


As with many other companies who use social media to great effect, JetBlue provides links on one its social media sites to its other social media sites so that all of their sites are connected to one and other. This increases the number of people the will potentially interact with JetBlue on its many different social media platforms.

Culture and Community

JetBlue goes to great lengths to try to engage with its customers on social media in order to establish a friendly rapport with its customers. This allows to establish a unique culture and a great relationship with its customers. JetBlue does this in different ways on all of its social media sites. It does this through its interesting content on YouTube and through connect with their customers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This strategy creates a very special cultures for JetBlue.

Learning from the Customer

JetBlue places huge value in paying close attention to what their customers think and they try to respond to them and make them feel welcomed. They will often respond to what people have to say about the company on social media very quickly.