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October 2016


We are in full swing of our learning in Room 3!

We continue to get to know each other and focus on the strengths we bring to our class.

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Reading & Writing Workshop

Mrs. Martinez and I are working hard to craft high quality lessons that push your child in both reading and writing. We work together to plan. Then, I teach the mini lessons for writing and Mrs. Martinez teaches the reading mini lessons. However, we both work with our own students to strengthen their skills in both areas.

In writing we are forging ahead into the genre of personal narrative. Students know that a personal narrative is a true story about their life and it has a beginning, middle and end. Additionally, in fifth grade, we really focus on the fact that a high quality personal narrative also has a point. It should have a clear message. We want students to think about stories in their life where they experienced a strong emotion, faced a turning point in their life or learned an important lesson. Please brainstorm with your child so they are more prepared for writing.

Our reading workshop is in full swing too. I love fifth grade readers. They can't get enough of reading. I think if they could read all day, they would. We have wrapped up our Launching Unit. This week we will start our Character Study. We will start to analyze the characters in our stories from a variety of angles. The driving force in the unit will be for students to make a claim about a character and provide textual evidence. For example, a student might make a claim that a character in their story is bratty. They need to back up their claim with actions, thoughts or dialogue from the text. Digging through a text and really analyzing the characters strengthens comprehension. Please keep claim and support in mind as you read with your child at home.

New Math

Students are currently immersed in a unit on Volume and Numerical Fluency. We do approximately 80 minutes of math each day. There are two parts; Number Corner and Math Workshop. Number Corner is a 20 minute math workout that focuses on computational fluency, problem solving, building strategies, noticing patterns and collecting data. During math workshop students are engaged in whole group, partner and small group activities. A major focus in Bridges is to explain your thinking and to understand the thinking of others. It happens almost daily where a student is at the front board sharing their thinking with the class under the doc cam. This really strengthens the idea that we are a community of learners working together to make make connections and create a deep understanding of mathematical processes.

The Essential Learnings we are focusing on now are:

1) Mathematician writes and interprets numerical expressions.

2) Mathematician recognizes that the volume of rectangular prisms is built as layers of arrays of cubes.

3) Mathematician determines the volume of rectangular prisms.

Math Homework: Much of the homework this year will be math. I generally give two days to complete the assignment.

Kindergarten Book Buddies

Students have been reading with their kindergarten book buddies. This is a wonderful way for fifth graders to realize how they can impact others. Ask your child who their book buddy is and what they already know about them.

Upcoming Dates

- October 18 (Bingo Night at 6:30)

-October 24 (Students FUN RUN movie prize day)

- October 27 (Mrs. P. presents to fifth graders)

- October 31 (Halloween parade begins at 2:45, party follows)

- November 1 (Picture Re-Take Day)

- November 8 (No School for Students)

- November 8 (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

- November 10 (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

- November 23 (No School for Students)

Room 3

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