AFUHSD Pandemic Update #1

Welcome to our first summer newsletter for our staff, students, parents and community. As you will see, the newsletter is full of updates specifically related to the pandemic and our current situation and progress. We have included updates on our current processes and procedures for summer athletic programs, visitor guidelines, planning task force meetings, student registration and more. I ask that you please take the time to familiarize yourself with how we are managing in the month of June as we’ve begun to transition from a complete closure and participate in our parent survey. In particular, our Reopening Task Force, whose membership crosses all stakeholder groups, has been working diligently to work through many scenarios and endless nuances with regard to our decision on reopening our schools. I want you to know that at the forefront of every conversation, meeting, and decision, our focus is always on the health, safety and well-being of our students and our staff. I am confident that you will see that commitment reflected in each section of the newsletter. We will continue to keep you updated through this format by sending out another update in early July. At that time, it is our goal to have a final recommendation for reopening our schools. Thanks to everyone who is working in partnership with us. We hear you, and we’re working hard for you!

AFUHSD Reopening Task Force Underway

The AFUHSD and the Reopening Task Force are engaging in highly collaborative work to produce comprehensive recommendations/proposals for our schools to reopen in August. The task force includes administrators, teachers, and parents.

The task force is working with several scenarios:

  • Schools are not able to reopen in August and will continue with remote learning.
  • Not all students can attend at one time to promote social distancing and follow recommended guidelines.
  • Other potential possibilities including intermittent closing due to a second wave of the virus.

The district is collaborating with our feeder districts of Litchfield and Avondale to support family alignment.

Please review the attachment below for a summary of the work being done.

Please note, this is not all encompassing and our work to continue a robust curriculum and support the social emotional well being of our students remains a priority.

AFUHSD Return to School Parent Survey

We ask that all parents participate in this short survey so that we collect valuable feedback from our families.

Big picture
Although district offices and campuses are open, employees are working a hybrid schedule with two days in the office and two days working remotely.

We are asking that all school business take place electronically, virtually, or by phone. In the event that you must come to a site, you are required to make an appointment.

Visitors will be required to wear a mask and complete a health screen. The visitor policy is attached and provides phone numbers to make appointments if needed.

Student Registration Procedures for 2020-2021

Currently Enrolled Students

In order to maintain safety we are currently working on a process that will allow families to upload all documents and complete other services online. This will modify our previous practice of families dropping off documents in July. We will continue to work with families that may not have the access to complete this process online.

Please look for additional updates in the near future.

New Students to the District

We are asking that all new student registration take place electronically. Families are asked to email the data specialist at each site to begin the process. Registration packets can be found here.

Contact Information for your designated home school.

Agua Fria: Toni Mueller,

Desert Edge: Boatwright,

Canyon View: Teresa McKamie,

Millennium: Susan Lantz,

Verrado: Lisa Laird,

Summer Workouts

Summer workouts began June 1 with detailed guidelines provided to both coaches and families. Although the guidelines are restrictive, it is important that our coaches and athletes follow these guidelines to allow them to continue progressing in a safe manner.

If you are not aware of program schedules, please contact your school's athletic director.

Attached are athletic guidelines for families