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Salem, Massachusetts - February 10, 1692

Witches Walking Among Salem?

Currently in the Parris household, young Betty is lying dormant in her bedroom with no conclusion of her medical whereabouts. Sources say that this may be the result of a late night witchcraft party, led by their former-trustworthy slave, Tituba. Several young girls were said to be dancing around a fire whilst the slave chanted incoherent songs. Reverend Parris discovered the girls and the party (devil-worshiping) came to an abrupt halt. After this occurrence, Betty Parris was struck with an unknown force that caused her to fall into a supernatural coma. Reverend John Hale is currently investigating the case of the witches of Salem. If anyone has any further information on those who could be practicing witchcraft, we encourage you to bring forth your knowledge to Reverend Parris.

by Tori Tanner, Dusti Seidel, Coy Turnquist, Tyler Miller

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