Mustang Memo


News & Notes

1. Student behavior reminders:

-Keep the ratio of positive to negative teacher/student interactions to at least 4 to 1.

-Actively supervise at all times.

-Disengage minor problems quickly and early.

-Be consistent and business-like with classroom/school rules and procedures.

2. Ms. Harville sent an email earlier this week with how to create your Bulloch Co. Google Account. See her or Ms. Aycock if you need assistance. First Class is going away this summer, so begin dabbling in the gmail to prepare yourself. We will roll out a more comprehensive plan for Google Apps second semester.

3. Teachers do not need to upload lesson plans next week.

4. Ms. Harville will send out the Jan. 5 professional development schedule next week. There will be PD for all staff - certified & classified.


Next Week's Schedule

1. If you are participating, Secret Santa is Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. The reveal will be Wednesday in the media center at 2:45

2. Compassion Christian will provide lunch on Thankful Thursday.

3. Leadership will meet on Thursday at 2:45 in the media center.

4. The grade posting window opens on Friday.

5. Kindergarten Polar Express will be Friday morning in the media center.

6. The Fine Arts Program for PreK-1 will be at 1pm on Friday. The students will perform for the rest of the school on Wednesday at 1:20.

STEM Night Highlights

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