Week 3

Math, Science, Social Studies

8/29 - 9/2

We made it through our first full week!

My class newsletters are full of pictures when possible! I am a very visual person and I like to share a visual representation of what we are doing in the classroom! I also include links to any videos that we will be watching in the classroom to enrich our lessons as well as links to textbooks with reviews and game options to promote learning at home.


Due by Friday 9/2

Math 2.5 - 2.8, +3 Math Facts

Review Excel found in "Keep at Home" pocket and practice Rainbow Math.

(Keep cards in zipper pocket of binder when not practicing)


Tests are at the end of each chapter or unit.
Lengths of each unit vary, so testing frequency will vary.

Testing dates will always be included on weekly newsletters and can also be found on Renweb class announcements the week of the test.

Excel Test 1: This Friday, 9/2/16

Review Excel sheets that come home daily. Daily lessons are the best study guides as the lessons and tests are spiral review.

Click here for Unit 1 Math: Number Concepts

Use this link for math review, games, and extra practice.


We will be spending a large part of our class time learning math! We will be talking about math strategies, what is expected, and how to become a math expert! I will scaffold learning by modeling a step by step process in the beginning with a goal of greater student independence as weeks progress. This is when we can move to a Guided Math system with whole group instruction, small group instruction and independent learning stations.

This Week's Main Idea: Math Expectations

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This week we will explore seeds and the seed coat with a hands on observations. We will also attempt to germinate seeds this week. We will record our observations in our Science journals.

Social Studies

Our social studies lesson this week is a mini lesson. We will have a vocabulary word of the day as well as work in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs workbook.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.