Welcome to Candy Land

By: Nicole Terrell, Alexis Hernandez, Kali Brown

Homestead Act of 1862 Gives Cheaper Land!


  • Guaranteed 160 acres for just $10
  • Confirmed by your very own president Abraham Lincoln
  • Woman and free slaves can make a claim to land!
  • Given a farmer's income
  • Expensive minerals can be found on the land
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Riches in Klondike!

George Carmack and Skookum Jim have found gold near Yukon! People are coming from far and wide to receive some of the newly founded gold! As settlers come to this land they have been able to find around 4,000 pieces of pure gold. In America gold is worth $20.67! Just hurry on down and find yourself some gold today and be rich!!

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We Have a Railroad!

A railroad was built going from Central Pacific (west) to Union Pacific (east) to help make our lives easier!

  • It helps us transport goods
  • Makes easier trade
  • Makes transporting cattle easier
We created this railroad to bind California to the union and help us move west. The railroad is officially the greatest of the technologies in the 19th century!

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Industrial Revolution Makes America Better!

  • More buildings were built! We have more apartments and homes for homeless people to live in and other building such as churches to make America more modernized!
  • More jobs! More places need people to work in order to make the products. Since this has opened up more job opportunities there will be more money people can make!
  • Also we have new inventions to make life easier such as: James Watts steam engine, Eli Whitney's cotton gin, Robert Fulton's steamboat, and Samuel F. B. Morse's telegraph.

Come to America!

  • Freedom of religion
  • We are the Magicland
  • Gold on the sidewalks
  • Lollipops on every corner!!
In America you are promised your human rights! You get your freedom and liberty and jobs and money and a happy life in the best land in the world! We want you to join us in America!!