How the Federal Court of Law Works

People that Help in the Federal Court of Law.

US Marshall-makes arrests, collects fines, takes convicted people to prison, protects jurors, keeps order in court, and serves subpoenas.
US Attorney- a government lawyer who prosecutes people accused of breaking federal laws.
Magistrate Judge- they decide whether accused people should be held in jail or released on bail. Determine whether case should go to trial.

Different Kinds of Jurisdictions

Appellate Jurisdiction- The authority to hear a case appealed from a lower court.
Original Jurisdiction- The authority to hear a case for the first time.

Different Types of Courts

District Courts- Federal courts where trials are heard and lawsuits are begun.
Court of Appeals-The federal court that reviews decisions made in district courts.

Words Used in the Federal Court of Law.

Life Terms-when some one can hold office for as long as they would like.
Precedent-model for others judges to follow in making their own decisions in similar cases.
Opinion- explains the legal thinking behind the court decision in the case.
Remand- send the case back to the lower court to be tried again.
Circuit- A geographic area of a US courts of appeals.