Points of Pride

April 7, 2019

State/District Updates:

I had a really long district meeting on Thursday, and here are some of the updates:

  • The last day for certified staff to sign their contract is 4/24.
  • On your new contract, 301 funds are added to your base. GPS decided to do it this way to make it easier to read.
  • School start/end times will be voted on as a school board on Tuesday 4/9. Gov. Ducey signed a bill pertaining to junior high instructional minutes, so the current proposal would have all elementary schools starting at 8:10 and ending at 2:55.
  • The IBBT and OTM have currently "tabeled" the proposal where staff would get two fewer medical days but add $200 to everyone's base. This is still something both parties are interested in, but will not be in effect for next year.
  • SB 1346 just passed through an educational committee at the legislature. This bill would have AzMERIT go until spring 2021. As a part of this bill, a group would start looking to purchase a different assessment.
  • This summer, GPS will be getting a new website. If there is something you have on your teacher page, that you want to save, please save it before leaving for summer. This new site will not have "teacher pages."
  • Spring Pay for Performance payouts for 2019 will be in a separate check on June 27. Certified staff will get $1146 for PLC Participation and up to $807 for Pay for Performance (based off evaluation)
  • Business Services is proposing to the school board a change to trip funding starting next year. Right now if you need a school bus, it's a flat $200 rate per bus. The district is losing money on this. They are looking to change this to $22 an hour and $2 a mile.
  • Next year, Food Services is looking to increase the prices of breakfast and lunch by 25 cents.

Upcoming Events:

  • 4/8: 4th grade reading AzMERIT; 5th grade reading AzMERIT (block 3)
  • 4/9: AIMS Science for 4th grade (AM and PM Sessions); 5th grade finish reading AzMERIT
  • 4/10: 2:15 Release-PLC; 3rd grade writing AzMERIT; MOD Pizza Fundraiser @ 10:00
  • 4/11: 5th grade writing AzMERIT; 6th grade AzMERIT; PTSO Meeting @ 3:30
  • 4/12: 4th grade writing AzMERIT; 6th grade AzMERIT
  • 4/15: Benefits Open Enrollment begins; 4th grade math AzMERIT and 5th (block 2)
  • 4/16: 3rd grade math AzMERIT and 5th (block 1); School Council @ 4:00
  • 4/17: 5th grade math (block 3) and 6th grade; 2:15 Release-Site PD; GPS Benefits Fair @ GHS @ 3-5
  • 4/18: Leadership Team @ 7:30; Preschool Egg Hunt @ 9:00 and 12:15; 4th grade field trip @ Boyce Thompson @ 8:45-2:00; 5th Math AzMERIT (block 1) and 6th grade
  • 4/19: No School-Spring Holiday

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