Wanted element


"Crimes" commited, reasons to arrest, Aliases

"Crimes"-Soda cans, Car frames, Conductor of heat/electricity, Housing, insulation, Cooking utensils

Reasons to arrest-A cheap abundant metal, gives alloys aluminum's lightness, it can be cold worked and welded

Aliases-aluminum, Aluminium , Alum, Alumen

Last seen

Aluminum is found in the Boron group and is in period 3. Aluminum can be found almost anywhere since it is in the soil and many minerals. It makes up 8 percent of earth's crust.

Known associates

Aluminum oxide- oxygen reacts with aluminum to put a dense coat on the metal.

Aluminum chloride- chlorine and aluminum will react aggressively if heated.

Aluminum reacts violently with sodium hydroxide.

Warning label

The element in its pure form is usually stable unless it comes in contact with substances that react aggressively to it.
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