What Career Would I Chose?

What career would I chose and why?

The career I chose was a swim couch. I chose this because I love to swim and I like to help people have fun while swimming.

What does a person with this job do?

A person this job does couch others, trains others on performance techniques , select materials or props, and negotiate for sevices.

What kind of education would a person need for this job?

The education you would need to get this career is a bachelors degree.

How much money would you make a year?

You would make $31,687 a year.

How many of these jobs are here in the United States?

There are 234,900 career in the United Staes.

What is the future for this career? Will it become more popular or less?

The future for this career is 280,100 in 2022 it will become more popular.

What are careers that are similar to this one? Some careers that are similar are basketball coaches, director of athletics, and football coaches.