University Of California Berkeley

By: Talia Leonard

the history

1994- For the thirtieth time since 1934 a UC faculty member has won the noble prize, no public university has ever won more novels prizes.

University of California berkeley

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 9pm

San Francisco Bay, CA, United States


golden bears (oiks) is the school mascot

blue and gold are the school colors

activities and majors

three activities:social science, exhibit: space open, exhibit: paintings
English and one year of physics with lab

The MS/MD degree program

deadline and three admission requirements

March 7,2016

The online applications, three letters of recommendation, graduate record exam

Why i choose this university

i chose it because i like the colors of the school and everyone in my family went to A&M so i just wanted to go to a different university and wanted to get out of the state.

things i find interesting about my college

the colors

the mascot

the fact that it is in San Francisco