My Mount Rushmore

Lauren P.

The Real Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a memorial of four former presidents , George Washington , Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt , and Abraham Lincoln. Did know that the memorial is 465ft. tall? It was desinged by Gutzon Borglum . It is located near Keystone , South Dakota . The memorial was finished in 1941,it took 14 years to build .Each president’s head is 60 feet tall and was supposed to be sculpted down to the waist, but unfortunatly the Borglums ran out of money . The memorial covers 1,278.45 acres. If i could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of the following people who are important to me carved into the granite; Randi Schmeichel , Taylor Peters , Ron schmeichel , and Traci Peters.

My First Person

The first person I would put on my own Mount Rushmore is Randi Schmeichel , my grandma. I call her Mimi ,Mimi taught me how to be a lady . She taught me manners. She even bought me a book called ‘how to be a young lady.’ I think I have already mastered 14 of them! She makes me feel good about myself . She loves fashion . She has almost 40 clothes she doesn't wear! She is the best Mimi ever!

The second person

Taylor Peters would be the second person on my Mount Rushmore . Taylor gets along with everyone she meets. She is really helpful and nice . Taylor and I love to draw and sculpt ,Once we sculpted a dog! Taylor is in Kindergarten she is 6 years young. Her nickname is Cindy because when she was a baby she had a doll she named Cindy and still has the doll.Taylor has a very active imagination .

The Third person

My Papa , short for grandpa ,is my third person I would put on my Mount Rushmore.He always helps Taylor,Mom,or me when we are sick . Papa lives in both Lincoln and York ,Nebraska ,and travels back and forth.Every Friday he goes back to Lincoln from York and every Sunday he comes back to York . He works in downtown York at Edward Jones and Company .He also works in Lincoln with his son, my uncle ,who flips houses. He always fights for the best no matter what the stretch .

The Fourth person

The last person I chose for my Mount Rushmore is my mom, Traci Peters . Traci is an inspiration because she is strongly fighting through Cystic Fibrosis,diabetes,pancreatitis,and a lot more bad things .She tries so hard to stay home,out of the hospital ,and care for Taylor and I. She is the Strongest woman I know

.She has taught me how to be strong and pray.

In conclusion

In conclusion , I suppose Randi Schmeichel,Taylor Peters,Ron Schmeichel ,and Traci Peters will never be carved into granite like Abraham Lincoln , Theodore Roosevelt , George Washington Or Thomas Jefferson .They are still very important to me ,they have taught me so much. They are loyal and trustworthy to me. This is why these people deserve to be on my Mount Rushmore.