Writing With Technologies

Chapter 7

Technological Literacy

It is important for teachers to understand that technology tools can help students learn visually organize their writing. These tools can also meaningfully support creative writing. Blogs can be used to help support writing and promote literacy. Students can also publish their works to the internet. Students can also work together collaboratively through different technology applications. They can also receive and engage in giving feedback to peers through technology. However, there are a few limitations to these technologies. That said, many 21st century skills can be gained through these activities.

Concept Maps

Mind Meister Tutorial


  • Helps students to organize thoughts
  • Helps students to plan writings
  • Students have fun with the technology that creates the map for them
  • Less creative students are able to design beautiful maps
  • They are easy to use
  • Tons of mind map generators exist
  • They are usually free to use


Setting Us a Class Blog on Blogger
This is a pretty long tutorial on creating a class blog. It really targets creating a blog for a kindergarten class. I think when people think about blogs they think it can only be for secondary students. We elementary teachers can incorporate them in our classroom too! Feel free to watch the whole video or just skim through it.


  • Can be used K-12
  • Improve writing skills through posts and comments
  • Practice writing through the blog
  • A great way for students to interact with each other and collaborate
  • Students that normally don't speak up in class may feel more comfortable voicing things on a blog
  • A great way to start talking about internet safety and cyber bullying
  • Parents can engage in the blog as well
  • Connect with other students from beyond the classroom
  • A great way to document student's learning

Collaborative Writing

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs


  • Collaborating on documents together
  • Students are able to work on the same document with out emailing or a flash drive
  • Google Documents is free and works just like any other text editor
  • It is compatible with Macs and PCs
  • Microsoft Word is expensive and Google Docs is a great alternative
  • Students can work on the same document at the same time
  • Students can also chat while working on the document
  • Google Docs can note who changed what or wrote what