An App for NTW Junior Doctors.

Slack Application. #ntwjuniors

What is Slack? - a mobile App

As junior doctors in NTW we are a big team often working in satellite locations. Slack is an application with similar functionality to WhatsApp but for team communication. You can instant message individuals or set up group channels within the App. Users can join the channels relevant to them and also create new channels as they see fit for others to join e.g. each work site could have its own channel and there are social/general channels for everyone's use.

  • You can share files with individuals or the whole team amongst other features

Rather than creating an improvised WhatsApp group part way through a job every time we change rotation, Slack is a permanent place for professional and social networking to make information sharing and socialising easier for NTW juniors.

Slack can be downloaded on Android and I0S mobile devices or on your desktops using most web browsers.

It is set it up so only people with an email address can self add to the group.

Just download the App called Slack on your mobile's App store (or on your web browser). Follow the in App instructions. Our team slack domain name is #ntwjuniors and you must sign in using your email account.

Get involved, the more people who engage the more effective the space will be.

-Also we're trialling a shared calendar for ntwjuniors to help organise events so if anyone is interested follow the link below and when your request is approved you can using the same link access the ntwjuniors calander, add events yourself for others to see and synchronise the calendar with any calendar application you may currently be using.