Ancient Egypt Fashion



Fashion in modern day America has been heavily influenced by fashion in ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, men and women always wore makeup. It was really important there. Jewelry had a lot of meaning behind it and they valued it in many different ways. There were also a lot of perfumes that people wore. The Egyptians kept their perfumes until they died! These are some ways that ancient Egypt influenced modern day America.

Ancient Egypt Fashion

More of how they influenced America

These are some of the things that people in Ancient Egypt did. I think that it really did influence modern day America. The makeup really influenced makeup in modern day America because they used different kinds of makeup like kohl . Today, we still use eyeliner. They also use berries for lipstick. Sometimes people still use berries for lipstick if they don’t want to buy it in stores. The perfumes also influenced modern day America because they put it in glass bottles and they wore it all the time. They also sprayed it in rooms. I also think that jewelry really influenced modern day America because people still wear this. Women and men wear this all the time. Even children can wear it. Most of the time they still make jewelry out of rocks like the Egyptians did. Sometimes we make jewelry out of plastic.

I think modern day America influenced it a lot by a lot of things. Ancient Egypt started many things when it comes to fashion. I think it is really fascinating how we still did what they did a long time ago. For a long time, people still look back at the history of ancient Egypt and learned important things. Things like the pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, religion, math and fashion.