KP Friday Focus

June 12, 2015

Let's send the students off in style --ALL STAFF --Please Wear KP BLUE on the last DAY! June 16th

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Things We Noticed This Week

  • 6th grade students test driving their rocket powered cars in Tech Ed and impressing themselves with their engineering and craftsmanship

  • 7th grade students showing off their salsa moves in PE.

  • 8th grade students graphically representing their understanding of how baking soda, vinegar and water solutions will react at differing concentrations

  • 8th grade students showing sincere and appropriate concern for their injured friend.

  • 7th grade students applying their knowledge of geography to create Amazing Races.


A few reminders for next week:

  • Teachers - please remind students that we have a lost and found in the small cafeteria and in the front lobby just inside the front doors.
  • All food needs to be thrown away by the end of each day. Please do not leave food in the faculty lounge over night.
  • Special needs teacher - please be sure to do a locker clean out.
  • All teachers, please open lockers and verify that they are empty on the last day.
  • Faculty Handbook & Red Lockdown Folder - turn in to the PLC room on Tuesday, June 16. Please remember to check your name off the lists.

Thank you

We will miss our 8th Graders!

KP Promotion '15 8th Grade Promotion June 10, 2015

Treats on Tuesday

From Staff Wellness: Please enjoy a bagel and/or a parfait from Panera in the faculty room on Tuesday, June 16th at 7:15! Please bring your own coffee! Happy SUMMER!

Upcoming Events


  • 6th Grade to Silver Lanes - 9:15 to 1:30PM

  • KP Singers/Beaux Strings Concert - St. Thomas the Apostle Church - 2PM

Gems Awards to:

  • My nephew Troy Jones from colleague Auntie Fran for helping me set up tables and blow off the deck one more time before the cookout at the end-of-year staff party.

  • Chefs Marty Kenna and Chef Paul Duquette from colleague Francine Hechenbleikner for an awesome job in getting the food cooked and out for all to enjoy at the end-of-year staff party.

  • Erin Rauseo from colleague Joy Wright for stepping out of her comfort zone to help me hand out the right certificates at Promotion Ceremony.

  • Justin Gusy from colleagues Joy Wright and Marc Kotler for coordinating a smooth 8th grade promotion celebration!

  • Kim Harrell from colleague Marc Kotler for volunteering and participating in a meeting with a parent of an upcoming 7th grader by sharing her language arts expertise during a transition meeting.

  • Amanda Burney from colleague Marc Kotler for assisting a child in need.

  • Susanne Torcasio from colleague Marc Kotler for her planning and attention to detail planning the 8th Grade Awards.

  • Eighth grade teams from colleague Marc Kotler for their planning and implementation of the 8th Grade Awards Night and Promotion Ceremony.

  • Joy Wright from colleague Marc Kotler for her time, her expertise and her guidane in helping make my transition to KP a smooth one.

  • A collective Gem Award to everyone in the building from colleague Justin Gusy for their continued support of students, vigilant supervision, and extraordinary endurance through the end of the ‘14-’15 school year.

Final Grade Entry dates - FYI from IT department - IMPORTANT

IT has changed the final grade entry dates to reflect the new end of school year date.

FYI - B4 grades can be entered 6/15 - 6/16 (it was 6/9 - 6/10 before IT changed it today).

If any assignments are due in that time frame, they will show up in both B4 and Q4. The only way around that is for the teacher to manually override the B4 grade.


Any questions or problems you may have with your Teacher GradeBook should be directed to the IT department by emaling or calling the HELPDESK.

The three teachers designated to help you with GradeBook in our building are Carey Poetzsch, Donna Burton and Laura Nichols.

Summer Renovation at KP

Please read the attached document that will apply to the entire school this summer in conjunction with our summer roof replacement project. In addition, there will be dumpsters located near the building and parking restrictions in different locations as the project progresses. If you have any questions, please email Rocco.

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