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Karno Energy engineering consultants team

Construction and installation of engineering networks

It is impossible to imagine any modern building without engineering. The reliability of engineering communications largely depends on the quality of work on their installation. Our company has been installing engineering systems of buildings in London and the England region. The experience of our specialists in combination with constant monitoring of market innovations is a guarantee of a high result of development and implementation of engineering at your facility! Today we successfully carry out: Installation of utilities in country houses and private cottages Installation of engineering at facilities for industrial, warehouse, administrative and other purposes.

Installation of internal engineering solutions from Karno Energy


Organization of heating of private houses and installation of heating systems for industrial buildings.


We lay both internal and external electrical and low-current networks, as well as develop and implement automation and dispatching complexes.

Ventilation and air conditioning

We can offer, perhaps, the best prices on the market for the installation of ventilation and air conditioning. But our pricing policy does not mean that the attitude towards the work performed will be negligent. We implement only optimal solutions and ensure a high level of quality of work performed. Regardless of the scale of the Object, you can count on a high culture of installation. Are you interested in installation of engineering systems? Contact us here our technical specialists will develop the optimal engineering solution for your object, and the managers will quickly calculate its cost!

If you give your preference for the installation of engineering systems towards our company, then be sure that:

  • The installation of communications will take place according to a well-established scheme with the implementation of multi-stage control;
  • We use only equipment and materials certified;
  • Experienced managers will help you understand the variety of the assortment presented, and together we can find the best option for you Installation of internal engineering schemes is carried out in compliance with all recommendations of equipment manufacturers regarding the technologies of its installation;
  • We work only with reliable suppliers and at the same time constantly monitor the market price;
  • We offer minimum market price;
  • Compliance with the terms specified in the Agreement;
  • Full Warranty Statement.