Early Childhood Ministry

Compass Christian Church- Colleyville

May, 2016


All volunteers must keep their classroom "half" door closed during arrival, class, and dismissal times. The doors were made into "half" doors to allow volunteers to be able to safely greet parents and children. We had a "close call" the first weekend in May. Please be diligent in only letting one child leave at a time. We know pick-up time can be time consuming, but parents are understanding when they know it's for the safety of their child. Due to our close proximity to the church exit door/parking lot, we can not be too careful. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to pick a child up EVEN if they have the pick up sticker.

Compass Core Values

  • Navigate people to God
  • Serve everyone everywhere
  • Engage-connect with others
  • Worship-grow in your faith
First Look Preview: Better Together (May 2016)


Security Locks

New locks are installed in nursery rooms to prevent a child from being able to open a door and leave the classroom. Please give these locks a try and just "holler" if you need help opening the door while you're learning about the lock.

New Bag Tags

New bag tags have arrived. They have fewer parts and are easier to attach than previous tags. Parents can write directly on the tag with a Sharpie.

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Movin' Up Weekend (Promotion Weekend)

June 4th/5th is the weekend when our PreK kids that are going to kindergarten in the fall of 2016 will MOVE UP to kindergarten at Compass. If you have kids older than kindergarten, they will also MOVE UP to their new grade at Compass.
Click below to see the memory verse with hand motions:
First Look Memory Verse Hand Motions : Better Together (May 2016)
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