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Newsletter 27 May 2021


Tēnā Koutou Katoa

Over the last couple of weeks we have been visiting contributing schools and talking with whanau and students regarding the transition and enrolment process. I would like to thank the schools for being so welcoming. Enrolment forms are due the 25th June. We would appreciate caregivers handing these to the school office as soon as you can. All enrolment forms handed in prior to the 25th June will be in the draw for uniform items up to $250.

I am very proud of the number of students getting involved in sport this year. Some students are travelling three times a week for sport. They are displaying our school values of Kotahitanga and Resilience.

You will have been receiving our Engagement Reports fortnightly via email and now the Credit Summary for seniors on alternate weeks. This information is very important as it allows goal setting and learning conversations to take place between caregivers and students. This year NZQA examinations are earlier meaning that Internal assessments and course content taught for External assessments needs to be completed by the end of Term 3. We are already in Week 4 Term 2 and therefore half way through the learning for the senior school year. Many students have been successful and are on track for achieving their goals. Some students have not quite kicked into gear and therefore it is even more important that caregivers are communicating with their children about their academic progress. In Week 9 this term we will have parent teacher interviews. I do encourage you to come along and meet the teachers.

Ngā mihi nui

Mrs Jo-Anne Vennell


Friends of the School

We want to further develop our cultural identity

Wairoa College would like to invite caregivers and members of the community to join us as a Friends of the School group – Te Rōpū Whanau Tautoko. The Friends of the School group would help support Wairoa College staff and students with local history, developing cultural awareness and Marae connections.

Do you have a skill or interest in Kapa Haka, waiata, the making and using poi, mau rākau. Have knowledge to share about korowai, piupiu, whakairo, kowhaiwhai, raranga harakeke - flax weaving, knitting or an interest in working with our young people in a supportive environment.

If you are interested, please join us for a whakatau and morning tea at 10am on Tuesday 8th June to generate a pathway beneficial to all, nā reira nau mai haere mai.

Based on a well-known proverb (whakataukī)

“Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou kia ora ai a tātou tamariki, rātou ngā pakeke mō āpōpō”

“With your knowledge and my knowledge our children will flourish they are the parents of tomorrow”

Wairoa College Enrolment Presentation

  • Wairoa Primary School – Tuesday 18th May 3:00 to 4:00 at Wairoa Primary
  • St Joseph’s School – Monday 24th May 2:00 to 3:00 at Wairoa College
  • Te Kura o Waikaremoana – Tuesday 25th May 11:00 to 12noon at Te Kura o Waikaremoana
  • Te Mahia School – Wednesday 26th May 11:30 to 12:30 at Te Mahia School
  • Nuhaka School – Thursday 27th May 11:30 to 12:30 at Nuhaka School
  • Frasertown School – Tuesday 1st June 1:30 to 2:30 at Frasertown School
  • Putere School – Wednesday 2nd June 2:00 to 3:00 at Putere School
  • Mohaka School - Thursday 3rd June 1:30 to 2:30 at Mohaka School

At Wairoa College on Thursday 10th June from 5:00 to 6:00pm we will hold an enrolment presentation for Tiaho School students and caregivers.

Year 7 & 8 Department

Term 2 has been jammed pack creating wonderful learning experiences for our Year 7&8 students. Our Integrated Learning Unit for Term 2 is - Where to for us? Ki hea rā Mātou?


Year7&8 students have been focusing on speeches and persuasive writing encouraging our students to persuade, convince and share their opinions about specific speech topics such as:


  1. Ko te wheako te Kaiako matua o tōku ao
  2. Me āta tiaki te wairua o te tamaiti, ahakoa ko wai?
  3. Te mate urutā e kore e warewaretia!
  4. mā te tamaiti tāna ake kaupapa)


  1. Covid 19, I will never forget!
  2. An investment in knowledge has the highest return
  3. Family is like music, some high notes, some low, but always a beautiful song.
  4. (Students may determine their own topic)

Last Friday we were able to show case our students talent and celebrate their successes. We had over 20 students from our Year 7&8 classes compete in our departments speech finals. Our 20 participants displayed our school value, Aumangea – Resilience. They stood with confidence and engaged their audience. We would like to thank Sandy Hardie & Wendy Stone for taking on the hard task of judging our students’ speeches. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7

  • 1st – Te Maioho Matai

Year 8

  • 1st – Ashlin Swann
  • 2nd – Maisy De La Haye
  • 3rd – Ngareraumati Hau

These students will represent our school at the Wairoa primary District Schools Pukorero – Speeches 2021.

Year 7 & 8 Kotahitanga

Term 2 is all about Kotahitanga, with the main theme of “We are all in this together”. All teachers have been building strong relationships with our students by encouraging positive behaviour.

Rippa Rugby

Rippa Rugby has been the Wairoa District Primary Schools sport event for Term 2. The whole Year 7&8 Department have been working together to learn Rippa as a team, displaying Whakamana – Respect and Kindness. On Wednesday 19th May, 11 teams from the Year 7&8 Department represented Wairoa College at the District event.

Kapa Haka

This year we will be hosting the Wairoa District Primary Schools Kapa Haka Festival in Term 3. We are now preparing for this event with our focus on learning our Kapa Haka bracket. Our drive for Kapa Haka is “We are all in this together”.

Adrenaline Week

As part of our unit Where to for us? Ki hea rā Mātou? we are incorporating our new initiative – Adrenaline Week. Adrenaline week will promote

  • Good behaviour
  • Striving for personal excellence
  • Increasing students desire to learn
  • Rewarding students for good work and learning
  • Future focussed students / My Mahi – goal setting

This program will be taught once a week during period 3. Students will learn skills that relate to a North Island experience that they have selected. The objective with this new initiative is to give our students new experiences, have fun and encourage future focused students.

Adrenaline week–North Island experience camps will start Term 4

  • Home is where it is – Outdoor activities within the local area
  • Central North Island Adventure– Outdoors, Tongariro National Park
  • City Adrenaline Rush – Police College, Te Papa & Adrenaline Forest
  • Going Bush – Our Bush, camping, hunting, farming, animals, team work and building students confidence.

Junior Digital Technologies

Our Junior Digital Technologies course is designed to meet the requirements of the two technological areas in the Technology Learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum: Computational Thinking and Design and Developing Digital Outcomes. This is to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals.

Junior students are doing very well to meet these requirements. They use Code Avengers study materials to develop Computational Thinking skills for digital technologies. They are developing an understanding of computer science principles that underlie all digital technologies. They also learn core programming concepts so that they can become creators of digital technology. By using Minecraft our students develop Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes skills to learn how to design quality, fit-for-purpose, digital solutions.

(Photo: Proud Year 7 students with their Code Avengers certificates.)

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day is recognised globally as part of an anti-bullying campaign. On Friday 21st May, Wairoa College held a pink (or rainbow) mufti day. Ākonga and kaiako looked fantastic all kitted out in their best tutus and scarves! In total, we raised over $350. This money will be donated to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation. Thank you to the Year 13 prefects who helped organise and co-ordinate the day.

In the afternoon, some classes gathered together on the turf, where we built the shape of a t-shirt, kindly captured by Mr Hamblyn and his drone! For some of us, it was a timely reminder that bullying happens all around us, and it can have a major impact on people’s lives. It is important we can all identify how bullying is displayed, and ways in which we can prevent it from happening in the first place.

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Y10 Cross Curricular Trip to Napier

All Year tens travelled to Napier Friday 14th May to attend a cross-curricular event. They were split into two groups and visited the “Let Me Be Myself” Anne Frank Exhibition and the Harvey Holt Planetarium.

The Anne Frank exhibit was developed by the Holocaust Centre for New Zealand to provide awareness of prejudice and discrimination and how, by knowing our own identity and beliefs, we can help play our part to stand up to racism. This exhibition connects Anne Frank's life story with the present and makes the fate of the millions of victims of the persecution of the Jews during the Second World War personal and real for students.

The Planetarium visit allowed for students to gain some background knowledge and appreciation about space travel and how out tupuna used the constellations to navigate their way across the moana to settle in Aotearoa. The night sky session showed them the evening sky set for the actual day of our visit. They learnt about the nature of stars and the patterns that they make. Listening to the stories of ancient and modern cultures as they are told in the sky made for an interesting session.

These trips are designed to allow students to see the world from differing perspectives and to have them experience opportunities which they can’t always get to see in Wairoa. Teachers are very appreciative of the support caregivers provide our students to encourage them to participate in a well-rounded educational experience. The EOTC letters home are an important part of our Health and Safety policy and having these returned in a timely manner allows us to know numbers etc to book buses and prepare resources for these events. Ask your child about their day!

Employment Class 302/202

It was a pleasure to have two ex Wairoa College students visit our Employment 302/202 class. Gabby Wilson and Sam Payne representing the Wairoa Young Achievers Trust gave a presentation about their work with rangatahi. The information shared included tertiary learning and employment opportunities in the Wairoa District. Gabby and Sam spoke about their own learning and employment experiences and how they can help students transition after they leave school. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and know what Gabby and Sam can offer if they need their help in the future. A special thank you to Gabby and Sam for your enthusiasm and your willingness to help our youth in Wairoa. Nga mihi Paddy Owen

Pūhoro STEM academy Wānanga Day

Term 1, Wānanga Day

Written by Nikau Pitman

Pūhoro STEM academy Wānanga Day was a great experience for our Māori tauira. Pūhoro is a programme that's aimed at encouraging and advancing Māori leadership and capability to deliver a world class science community.

On the 15th of April we went to our first wānanga. It was a great day where we had competitions and learnt the Pūhoro national song.

The aim of one of the competitions was to create a plastic rocket out of a fizzy bottle, tennis ball and plastic fins. We went outside to test our rockets and by far, Tahlia and Ashley's group won! We also had to create a story about our rocket. This is my groups’ story …

“Our journey in Pūhoro

Our plastic bottle represents us before our journey with Pūhoro. But with the help of our kaihautū, with have transformed into a rocket. Our rocket, like ourselves, have goals … like doing the best we can and aiming for the stars.”

It felt really good to be around people who were at the same stage of learning as me. We were put into small groups to use our knowledge to solve problems. As well as learning with our group, we also connected with them and now we have friends from different schools but we all have the same goal, to be a successful Māori student.

My highlight was learning the song. The song is called “Nga Ihorei O Apopo” which translates to “The leaders of tomorrow”. We had an explanation on what the song was about and how it's relevant to us. We also found out that the song “Versace On the Floor” by Bruno Mars was inspired by the tune of “Nga Ihorei O Apopo”, which is very cool.

Our kaihautū, Te Maari, helped and guided us during our time at the wānanga. Our kaihautū travels from Napier every Thursday to help and guide us and gives us that extra learning support we need.

This was a great day and experience for us to interact with other Māori tauira. The Wānanga Day sparked an interest in science and it was overall a really fun. I think we all really liked the people that we worked with and the activities we got to experience.

Getting Your Drivers Licence

We have just finished doing defensive driving course - 12 students passed - gaining 15 credits. Doing this course gives valuable skills for spotting driving hazards and takes 6 months off the time to get full licence.

Learner licence course just finished - 12 new learner drivers, Restricted licence instruction is ongoing 8 students have now passed and the instructor is starting with a new group. Any student wishing to sign up for any driving programme should see

Ms Hayward

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The Uniform Shop is now available daily from 8.30am – 9am. Please come to the front office on arrival at school.

There is the option to pay for uniform anytime during office hours 8am-3.30pm but this will not be issued until the following morning.


BOT Meeting date change

The next Board of Trustees meeting has been moved to Tuesday the 8th of June, 2021.

UPCOMING SPORTS Tuesday 25th May


College One v William Colenso @ Hastings Sports Park - Wednesday 25 May - 5:30pm

7 & 8 Jets v Mohaka @ Wairoa Netball Courts - Thursday 27 May - 4:30pm

7 & 8 Stars v Nuhaka Tactix @ Wairoa Netball Courts - Thursday 27 May - 4:30pm

8 Te Aka Matua v St Josephs @ Wairoa Netball Courts - Thursday 27 May - 4:30pm

Junior A's v Hastings Girls JNR B @ Hastings Sports Park - Saturday 29 May - 11:00am


7 & 8 Dolphins v EZ Breakers @ Wairoa Community Centre - Friday 28 May - 5:00pm

7 & 8 Lakers v EZ Swish @ Wairoa Community Centre - Friday 28 May - 5:00pm

7 & 8 Panthers v St Josephs @ Wairoa Community Centre - Friday 28 May - 6:15pm

7 & 8 Warriors v Tapuae @ Wairoa Community Centre - Friday 28 May - 6:15pm

Junior Boys v Tamatea Jnr Boys @ Hastings Sports Park - Monday 24 May - 5:00pm

Junior Girls v Havelock North @ Hastings Sports Park - Monday 24 May - 6:00pm

Senior Boys v Te Aratitoa Academy @ Hastings Sports Park - Friday 29 May - 6:00pm

Senior Girls v William Colenso @ William Colenso - Wednesday 26 May - 5:00pm


Rugby Colts v Lindisfarne Red @ Lindisfarne - Saturday 29 May - 12noon

Rugby First XV v Hastings Boys Red @ Wairoa College - Saturday 29 May - 12noon


Soccer Boys v Lytton @ Lytton - Wednesday 26 May - 3:30pm

Soccer Girls v Gisborne Boys @ Lytton - Wednesday 26 May - 3:30pm


Hockey 7 & 8 v Sunrise @ Gisborne - Tuesday 25 May - 4:40pm

Hockey Mixed v Napier Girls Blue @ Park Island - Monday 24 May - 5:15pm


Badminton Girls v Havelock North @ Taradale High School - Thursday 27 May 3:30pm



College One v Hastings Girls Manuka 14 - 53 Loss

Junior A's v Iona Junior C 36 - 9 Win

Year 7 & 8 Jetz v TKKM 10 - 12 Loss

Year 7 & 8 Stars v St Josephs Tactix 8 - 5 Win

Netball 8 Te Aka Matua v St Josephs Magic 37 - 1 Win


Junior Boys v Tamatea Jnr Boys 71 - 21 Win

Junior Girls v Havelock North 20 - 29 Loss

Senior Boys v Napier Boys C 41 - 48 Loss


Rugby Colts v Hastings Boys High School Grey 24 - 30 Loss

Rugby First XV v Havelock North High School 29 -31 Loss


Hockey Mixed v Havelock North 3 - 0 Win

Hockey 7 & 8 v Sunrise 0 - 3 Loss


Played Napier Girls Senior Blue - Overall Won 4 - Lost 2

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Upcoming Events

  • Service Academy - Water Safety Course - Thursday 27 May & Friday 28 May
  • Nuhaka School Visit - Thursday 27 May
  • Trades Academy Y12/13 - Friday 28 May
  • Yr 9 Cross-curricular - Friday 28 May
  • Wairoa College Young Aspiring Leaders Hastings Sports Park - Friday 28 May
  • Primary School Speeches - Tuesday 1 June
  • Frasertown School Visit - Tuesday 1 June
  • Putere School Visit - Wednesday 2 June
  • School Closed - Friday 4 June
  • Mid-Year Derived Grade Exams - Tuesday 8 to Friday 11 June
  • Board of Trustees Meeting - Tuesday 8 June
  • East Coast North Island X Country Champs - Wednesday 9 June
  • RYDA Road Safety Work Shop Yr12 - Thursday 10 June
  • Trades Academy Y12/13 - Friday 11 June
  • Year 9 Cross Curricular Event - Friday 18 June
  • Service Academy Bushcraft - Monday 21 to Friday 25 June
  • Interschool Softball - Wednesday 23 June
  • Year 9 Cross Curricular Unit Event - Friday 25 June