By; Allegra Howard & Fancy Brown

What is the region your team is reporting?


What is that region's upper and lower frequency bound?

Lower freqency bound of this region may be caled mircowaves the upper frequency are UV rays also iolizing 3* 10^16 -- 3 * 10^19

Approximately how big is the wavelength of that region?

The wavelength is the size between a bacterial cell and a virus

Who discovered this type of electromagnetic wave and in what year?

German physicist "Wilhelm Rontgen." He discovered the X-Ray in the year of 1895 and the same year the first X-Ray was taken. The first X-Ray that was taken the same year as the X-Ray was discovered was the very first, "Dental X-Ray." There techonlogy that was used is was very different then present day . More equitment to handle and use to make the product work.

What are interesting facts about your topic that you or your group mates have found durig your research?

Some interesting facts that we found in this research is that X-Rays were found in another country in Germany , the first dental X-Rays were made the same year they were discovered in 1895. The machine can put out harmful amounts of radiation. People used to fear the X- Ray machine when it first came out and was used.