Help Stop the Pirates

by: Shelby Walter

What is piracy?

piracy deals with internet pirates that are not real pirates that say Arrrrr. Piracy is unauthorized use of an author's work. Which is illegal and wrong!

How do we prevent piracy?

We can stop piracy by creating a creative commons license. A creative commons licence is a free organization that allows the sharing and knowledge through a legal tool.


Copyright is the legal right to publish your own work. Don't take someone else's work Because what if that was you, you wouldn't want someone to take your work without your permission. Copyright last from the day it was created until 70 years after the creator has died, then it will go into the public domain.

Fair use and plagiarism

Fair use is an act that allows anybody to use copyrighted material for teachers and students can use it but only for educational purposes. Plagiarism is taking somebody's work and copying it and not giving them credit. If you want to take somebody else's work you have to put it in your own words or site it.

Why not to be a pirate

  • Copying is bad and not nice
  • Copying makes some authors mad or sad because they made something of their own and you just copied them without giving them any credit (plagiarism)
  • Pirates are mean, nasty, and I've heard smelly, too!

No pirates allowed

Don't be a pirate and copy someone else's and pass it off as your own work. Also don't take someone else's work without their permission, what if that was yours?



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