K5B Weekly Letter

Week 9 October 10-14


We completed our lessons on Abraham and saw how God led and directed in the lives of these people. God still guides and directs our lives today. What a blessing to know that God is in control! We have begun the character trait of Patience—Waiting with a happy spirit.

Memory Verses

Proverbs 3:5-6 due October 17th


We learned how to do some measuring by inches with our rulers. We had fun measuring our pencils, glue sticks, and scissors. We also compared items that were larger or smaller, taller or shorter, heavier or lighter. What fun we had figuring out all of this with items in our classroom.


We completed our unit on songs. We have enjoyed singing songs like Looby Loo, She’ll be coming round the mountain, and Bingo. The children were amazed to find out that children a long time ago used songs to help them learn things just like we do (such as our days of the week songs and vowel songs).

Letter Formations: K, k, and C,c, D,d

Letter sounds: K, C, D

Service Word: has


Thank you to those who sent in goodies for our open house this week! I so appreciate your generosity and help in this way. It was great seeing all of you who could make it out to our room. I know you were so proud of how well your child is doing in K5! A big thank you to Jennifer Seymour and Teresa Thomsen for organizing the food and decorations and to Jenny Smith for helping me clean and get the classroom ready!

Share: Favorite picture book.

Here is the link for parent teacher meetings on Oct. 24-28 if you haven’t signed up for a time yet :


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