Library Media End of Year Reporting

4/30, SVMS, 3:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Everything you need to complete "End of Year Reports," right here, right now!

Easiest to understand if you work your way through sequentially! (Can't stress this enough!)

1. 2015 End of Year Checklist (includes due dates)

2. Guidelines to End of Year Reporting 2015 (includes core data reporting instructions)

3. Elementary End of Year Reporting GoogleDoc (Due 5/28)

4. Secondary End of Year Reporting GoogleDoc (Due 5/28)

3. Summer Reading Plan Template

4. Collection Improvement Plan Template

Running an Open P.O. Report

Please call Jeanette at x5323 if you have questions about this.

  • Sign into Keystone
  • Reports Menu
  • Open Purchase Order Listing
  • Current Year PO’s
  • Put in “15” in the Year box
  • Select PO’s with “Location" or "Budget #"
  • Put in the location in the location box, or budget number in the budget number box
  • Click OK

End of Year Due Dates

May 15

Transfer checkouts to Resource Manager, check in devices on Library Manager

(more info to come)

May 28

GoogleDoc End of Year 2015

Summer Reading Plan

Open P.O. Report

Collection Improvement Plan

Instructional Checklists

End of Year Checklist

2nd Semester Monthly Reports

Extended Contract Verification (post)*

Destiny Cleanup

Share CIP, Survey Action Plan, Instructional Checklist, and Monthly Reports with principal

Invoices paid, deposits completed,

*or last day of work

BOLD items are submitted to Andrea.

End of the Year Collaboration Meeting: April 30th, 3-7 pm at SVMS

3PM: Early Birds start working on End of Year Reports

415 PM: Review of End of Year Processes--Best Strategies (optional to watch/listen)


7PM: GO HOME TO YOUR FAMILY if you haven't already!

More info to help you!

On the End of the Year GoogleDoc, the following have already been filled out for you:

· School

· Grade Span

· Enrollment

· Staff FTE

· FTE Library Support Staff

· # of ebooks (on its way)

You will fill out the portions of the End of the Year GoogleDoc that are colored green.

We will be filling out the District portion of the financial report over the next month.

Please call or email me as you need to!

I’ve done my best to give instructions for filling everything out. I know there will be mistakes; please let me know as you find them. I know you will have questions as it is a messy process and the instructions may not be enough.