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When you are planning East Africa tours, you should know that the right safari is not about saving money but about find the right tours and the best country. There are many things to see in each country which is why it can be tricky to pick the most diverse trip through an online safari booking.

When you go plan for a safari you can visit Kenya. This country has a great beach in Mombasa and the Tsavo National Park only one hour from the beach. If you go to Tanzania you can a diverse safari through the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. You can also take a night off in Zanzibar and enjoy the beautiful beaches. If you go to Namibia you don’t have to worry about malaria along the coast. You also get good roads and the chance to play in sand dunes. There is a larger distance in between locations so bear that in mind. If you are on a budget then consider Botswana where there is not a lot of driving required but you can still go on a canoe ride through the Delta area.

If you choose to go with your family remember that there are some age restrictions for certain safaris. If your children are younger than twelve years of age they may not be allowed to go on large public tours because some of the tour operators find it unsafe for young children to be in the back of a safari vehicle. They are also more prone to boredom as well as sunburns and sickness. If you are planning a safari for your family and you have young kids it may be best to book a private tour with a company that can not only handle young children but give a list of approved tour guides and tours that accept younger kids.

Certain camp sites and lodges may also have age limits due to the fact that many of the wildlife will roam freely. This could cause a danger to smaller infants or toddlers who are left unattended. There may also be a lack of proper dining options for younger children. So if you are planning a safari with your family and you have small children it is important that you double check with your tours and your camp sites or lodging to ensure they are acceptable for small children. You may have to toss out a canoe trip down a wild river and substitute a nice day on the beach.

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